Court told of man urinating on ex-partner’s bed

Guilty plea: A court heard a Tongala man urinated on his ex-partner’s bed out of jealousy. Photo by Rodney Braithewaite

A man who urinated on his former partner’s bed out of jealousy has been berated by a magistrate who labelled the act “disgusting and degrading”.

The 50-year-old Tongala man pleaded guilty in Shepparton Magistrates’ Court to criminal damage and contravening a family violence intervention order.

Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Carita Thompson told the court the man urinated on his former partner’s bed after she told him he was no longer welcome to stay with her at her Tongala house on January 29.

The man packed his belongings and as he was leaving, told the woman he had urinated on her bed.

When their 23-year-old son heard this, he threw a handful of gravel at the man’s vehicle as he was reversing out of the driveway, breaking a window of the vehicle.

The man then got out of his car and got two rocks from the garden and used them to smash his son’s vehicle’s front windscreen and another window, Leading Sen Constable Thompson said.

The man also punched the rear wing of his son’s vehicle several times.

The son then ripped the side mirror off his father’s vehicle.

The prosecutor told the court the son had received a quote for $2747 to fix his vehicle.

The cost of damage to the man’s vehicle was not known, but was estimated to be about $4000.

When interviewed by police, the man said he urinated on the bed because he believed his ex-partner was cheating on him, Leading Sen Constable Thompson said.

He also said he damaged his son’s vehicle in retaliation for the damage to his vehicle.

The court was also told the man sent the woman two text messages on February 18 after she had taken out an intervention order against him that said “hey” and “sorry, wrong number”.

The man admitted to police at the time that he had sent the texts, saying he sent the first one by mistake.

Representing himself in court, the man told the court he urinated on the bed out of jealousy he had over his ex-partner seeing other men, and for calling him names.

The man was fined $1250.