Tennis Results | February 11

By Campaspe News

ROCHESTER 2 suffered a nail-biting loss to Elmore 1 in Campaspe Tennis Association section one action on Saturday.

Rochy went down by one set and just three games in a tight tussle with their close rivals.

Rochester 1 suffered similar heartbreak, losing to Echuca South by three sets and 16 games.

The club did have some success in section two with Rochester 4 defeating Rich River 2 by three games, despite winning one less set than their opponent.

Campaspe Tennis Association

Section 1

Rochester 2 (6-75) lt. Elmore 1 (7-78)

Andrew Emmerson def. Mitchell Byrne 6-4, Dillon Williams lt. Ryan Byrne 1-6, Andrew Emmerson/Greg Tiller lt. Mitchell Byrne/Craig Skeers 6-8, Dillon Williams/Todd Woodfine def. Ryan Byrne/Jessica DeMaria 8-3, Greg Tiller/Todd Woodfine def. Craig Skeers/Jessica DeMaria 8-2, Louise Williams/Leisa Evans def. Taylah Pratt/Hannah Trewick 8-5, Trudee Leahy/Alexandra Ingram lt. Jane McAdam/Rachel Johnson 1-8, Louise Williams/Trudee Leahy lt. Taylah Pratt/Jane McAdam 7-8, Leisa Evans/Alexandra Ingram lt. Hannah Trewick/Rachel Johnson 4-8, Todd Woodfine/Leisa Evans def. Mitchell Byrne/Rachel Johnson 8-5, Andrew Emmerson/Trudee Leahy lt. Ryan Byrne/Hannah Trewick 5-8, Dillon Williams/Louise Williams def. Craig Skeers/Jane McAdam 8-5, Greg Tiller/Alexandra Ingram lt. Jessica DeMaria/Taylah Pratt 5-8.

Echuca South 1 (8-79) def. Rochester 1 (5-63)

Kia Coatsworth lt. Troy Holmberg 4-6, Chris Potter def. Alex Parker 6-0, Kia Coatsworth/Ben Potter def. Troy Holmberg/Brian Letcher 8-2, Chris Potter/Chris Milnes def. Alex Parker/Anthony Stones 8-4, Ben Potter/Chris Milnes def. Brian Letcher/Anthony Stones 8-1, Christie Mundie/Marlene Stapleton lt. Mandy Dingwell/Sandra Holmberg 2-8, Sarah Dixon/Madeline O’Nial def. Barbara McCarty/Jenny Crockett 8-3, Christie Mundie/Sarah Dixon lt. Mandy Dingwell/Christine Hooppell 1-8, Marlene Stapleton/Madeline O’Nial def. Sandra Holmberg/Jenny Crockett 8-4, Chris Potter/Madeline O’Nial lt. Troy Holmberg/Mandy Dingwell 7-8, Kia Coatsworth/Marlene Stapleton lt. Alex Parker/Sandra Holmberg 3-8, Chris Milnes/Christie Mundie def. Anthony Stones/Christine Hooppell 8-5, Ben Potter/Sarah Dixon def. Brian Letcher/Barbara McCarty 8-6.

Section 2

Rochester 4 (6-55) def. Rich River 2 (7-52)

Rodney Fiedler def. Jolyon Hogan 6-0, Brodie Fiedler lt. Barry Sudholz 5-7, Rodney Fiedler/Jim Brooks def. Jolyon Hogan/Matthew George 6-2, Brodie Fiedler/Riley Howard lt. Barry Sudholz/Unknown 2-6, Jim Brooks/Riley Howard lt. Matthew George/Unknown 2-6, Bridie Baker/Mel Warren lt. Jenny Sudholz/Tonya Eishold 2-6, Rachel Baker/Rebecca Wolfe def. Dimity Roberts/Kristine Bruce 6-0, Bridie Baker/Rachel Baker lt. Jenny Sudholz/Dimity Roberts 4-6, Mel Warren/Rebecca Wolfe def. Tonya Eishold/Kristine Bruce 6-3, Rodney Fiedler/Rebecca Wolfe def. Jolyon Hogan/Tonya Eishold 6-1, Brodie Fiedler/Bridie Baker lt. Barry Sudholz/Jenny Sudholz 1-6, Jim Brooks/Mel Warren def. Unknown/Dimity Roberts 6-3, Riley Howard/Rachel Baker lt. Matthew George/Kristine Bruce 3-6.

Rochester 3 (3-45) lt. Colbinabbin 1 (10-73)

Justin Coghill lt. Sam Ryan 1-6, Rob Else lt. Hugh Hamilton 4-6, Justin Coghill/Chris Murray lt. Sam Ryan/Christopher Ryan 1-6, Rob Else/Hamish Heathcote-Holmberg lt. Hugh Hamilton/John Gill 1-6, Chris Murray/Hamish Heathcote-Holmberg lt. Christopher Ryan/John Gill 4-6, Kirstie Gebbie/Vanessa Snelling lt. Mardi Ryan/Trish Wilkinson 4-6, Hannah Hocking/Zali Hocking def. Narelle Robertson/Diana O’Brien 7-5, Kirstie Gebbie/Hannah Hocking def. Mardi Ryan/Narelle Robertson 6-1, Vanessa Snelling/Zali Hocking lt. Trish Wilkinson/Diana O’Brien 2-6, Chris Murray/Kirstie Gebbie lt. Sam Ryan/Mardi Ryan 5-7, Rob Else/Vanessa Snelling lt. Hugh Hamilton/Trish Wilkinson 2-6, Justin Coghill/Hannah Hocking def. Christopher Ryan/Narelle Robertson 7-6, Hamish Heathcote-Holmberg/Zali Hocking lt. John Gill/Diana O’Brien 1-6.

Elmore 2 (4-47) lt. Echuca South 3 (9-62)

Jordan Tobin def. Dermot Ritchie 6-0, James Trewick lt. Baxter Anderson 2-6, Jordan Tobin/Michael Mayes def. Dermot Ritchie/Archer Ritchie 6-0, James Trewick/Samuel Trewick lt. Baxter Anderson/Robert Caldwell 2-6, Michael Mayes/Samuel Trewick lt. Archer Ritchie/Robert Caldwell 1-6, Lucy Holmberg/Melea McKay lt. Olivia Boylan/Evie Ritchie 5-7, Remy Cowan/Madalyn Nihill lt. Nicole Anderson/Donna Glen 1-6, Lucy Holmberg/Remy Cowan def. Olivia Boylan/Nicole Anderson 6-4, Melea McKay/Madalyn Nihill lt. Evie Ritchie/Donna Glen 3-6, Michael Mayes/Lucy Holmberg lt. Baxter Anderson/Olivia Boylan 2-6, Peter McKay/Melea McKay lt. Dermot Ritchie/Donna Glen 4-6, James Trewick/Remy Cowan def. Archer Ritchie/Nicole Anderson 6-3, Samuel Trewick/Madalyn Nihill lt. Robert Caldwell/Evie Ritchie 3-6.

A Junior

Echuca South 4 def. Rochester 5 by forfeit

Echuca Lawn 3 (3-41) def. LBU 2 (5-34)

Ryan Stobaus lt. Jacob Haines 5-6, Jackson Gronow lt. Bowden Stone 4-6, Liam Gronow lt. Milly Haines 5-6, Annie Byrne def. Ali Howlett 6-1, Ryan Stobaus/Jackson Gronow lt. Jacob Haines/Bowden Stone 4-6, Liam Gronow/Annie Byrne def. Milly Haines/Ali Howlett 6-0, Ryan Stobaus/Liam Gronow lt. Jacob Haines/Milly Haines 5-6, Jackson Gronow/Annie Byrne def. Bowden Stone/Ali Howlett 6-3.

B Junior

Colbinabbin 2 (4-30) def. LBU 3 (2-24)

Jude Ryan/Charlie Peacock def. James Brentnall/Tye Cox 6-4, Ned Morgan/Elijah Wallace def. Cody Betts/Charlie Byrne 6-3, Jude Ryan/Ned Morgan def. James Brentnall/Cody Betts 6-1, Charlie Peacock/Jackson Morgan lt. Tye Cox/Charlie Byrne 1-6, Jude Ryan/Jackson Morgan lt. James Brentnall/Charlie Byrne 5-6, Charlie Peacock/Elijah Wallace def. Tye Cox/Cody Betts 6-4.

Rochester 6 (3-26) lt. LBU 4 (3-31)

Isabella Hansen/Tara Atley lt. Oscar Palmer/Amber Betts 2-6, Olivia Hansen/Ruby Wileman def. Brodie Humbert/Ruby Brentnall 6-4, Isabella Hansen/Olivia Hansen lt. Oscar Palmer/Finn Palmer 3-6, Tara Atley/Ruby Wileman def. Amber Betts/Brodie Humbert 6-5, Isabella Hansen/Ruby Wileman lt. Oscar Palmer/Ruby Brentnall 3-6, Tara Atley/Olivia Hansen def. Amber Betts/Finn Palmer 6-4.

Rochester 7 (1-16) lt. Rich River 5 (5-34)

Payton Tiller/Dana Mussared lt. Emily Lake/Madeline Williams 0-6, Jude Mussared/Ashton Walker lt. Amy Parker/Mia Aston 5-6, Payton Tiller/Jude Mussared lt. Emily Lake/Amy Parker 0-6, Dana Mussared/Sadie Martin lt. Madeline Williams/Mia Aston 2-6, Payton Tiller/Sadie Martin def. Emily Lake/Mia Aston 6-4, Dana Mussared/Ashton Walker lt. Madeline Williams/Amy Parker 3-6.

C Junior

Colbinabbin 3 (4-33) def. Echuca Lawn 9 (2-22)

Henry McFadzean/Tom McFadzean def. Ava Irwin/Ryan Berryman 6-1, Audrey McFadzean/Mallee Jones def. Aleisha Moon/Isobel Cunningham 6-3, Henry McFadzean/Phoebe Rathjen lt. Ava Irwin/Aleisha Moon 5-6, Tom McFadzean/Tex Jones def. Ryan Berryman/Isobel Cunningham 6-2, Audrey McFadzean/Tex Jones def. Ava Irwin/Isobel Cunningham 6-4, Mallee Jones/Phoebe Rathjen lt. Ryan Berryman/Aleisha Moon 4-6.

Elmore 4 (4-34) def. LBU 6 (2-18)

Cody McKenzie/Rory Hayes def. Cooper Lees/Charlie Mcintyre 6-1, Darcy McKenzie/Leo Hayes def. Harrison Lees/Brooklyn Humbert 6-2, Cody McKenzie/Darcy McKenzie lt. Cooper Lees/Harrison Lees 5-6, Rory Hayes/Archie Frew def. Charlie Mcintyre/Olivia Squires 6-2, Cody McKenzie/Archie Frew lt. Cooper Lees/Olivia Squires 5-6, Rory Hayes/Leo Hayes def. Charlie Mcintyre/Brooklyn Humbert 6-1.

Echuca Lawn 8 (0-11) lt. LBU 5 (6-36)

Matisse Power/Marli O’Brien lt. River Sims/Kasey Stone 1-6, Amarli Cole/Abigail McAsey lt. Colby Roberts/Nate Holgate 2-6, Matisse Power/Amarli Cole lt. River Sims/Colby Roberts 2-6, Marli O’Brien/Abigail McAsey lt. Kasey Stone/Nate Holgate 2-6, Matisse Power/Abigail McAsey lt. River Sims/Nate Holgate 2-6, Marli O’Brien/Amarli Cole lt. Kasey Stone/Colby Roberts 2-6

Elmore 5 (6-36) def. Rochester 8 (0-9)

Remy Cowan/Madalyn Nihill def. Evie Coghill/Cadence Major 6-1, Leticia O’Shannessy/Tarli Nihill def. Nate Mussared/Keeley Major 6-3, Remy Cowan/Milly O’Shannessy def. Evie Coghill/Nate Mussared 6-2, Madalyn Nihill/Tarli Nihill def. Cadence Major/Keeley Major 6-2, Remy Cowan/Leticia O’Shannessy def. Evie Coghill/Keeley Major 6-1, Madalyn Nihill/Milly O’Shannessy def. Cadence Major/Nate Mussared 6-0.

Elmore 6 (2-26) lt. Elmore 3 (4-29)

Paige Simmie/Mitchell Skeers def. Mitchell Warren/Milly O’Shannessy 6-4, Letisha Mountjoy/Reno Mountjoy def. Madison Hipwell/Axel Cail 6-1, Paige Simmie/Letisha Mountjoy lt. Mitchell Warren/Madison Hipwell 4-6, Mitchell Skeers/Reno Mountjoy lt. Leo Hayes/Axel Cail 4-6, Paige Simmie/Reno Mountjoy lt. Mitchell Warren/Axel Cail 4-6, Mitchell Skeers/Letisha Mountjoy lt. Amelia Hipwell/Madison Hipwell 2-6.