Bowls Report | January 14

By Campaspe News


Rochester’s division one weekend and mid-week pennant teams both had wins in the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division in the first round back since the Christmas/New Year break.

It was a nice start to 2020 for the club as players return to the rink.

Winners of social bowls played on Tuesday of last week were H. Curnick, C. Anderson, R. Ault and M. Harley.

The raffle winner was Dos Hanson.

Winner of the Kits Café award went to Lyn Moon’s team.

There will be a social bowls monthly meeting today at 1pm.

The 60 and Over bowls group were at Echuca on Wednesday, January 8.

On January 15, we will play at Elmore starting at 10am.

The first round of the ladies 100 up competition will be played on January 15 at 9.30am.

Richard Feuk won the Men’s Singles Championship against Kevin McGreevy in a closely fought game on Saturday, December 21.

In the B grade Final, Hedley Moon managed a hard fought win against Tony Scott.

Meanwhile in the ladies 21 up competition, J. Tamborini defeated S. Watkins in a semi-final to progress to the final against L. Bond.

Mid-week Pennant — January 10

Division 1 v Echuca at home: Lyn Moon, Marg Knight, Denise Pappin and Lorraine Bond (won 29-17); Jane McCallum, Heather Curnick, Jenny Major and Jeanette Kneebone (lost 16-24); Rae Ault, Janet Rankin, Sandra Watkins and Yvonne Smolenaars (won 25-21).

Rochester won overall by eight shots.

Division 2 v Echuca at home: Aileen Fiedler, Janis Tamburini, Serena Sholl and Elaine Hall (lost 7-27); Cheryl Anderson, Carol Cakebread, Beryl Elliott and Trish Costello (lost 14-24); Marg Harley, Heather Wilson, Ev Nichol and Di Milgate (won 21-12).

Rochester lost overall by 21 shots.

Weekend Pennant — January 11

Division 1 v Deni RSL at Deni: Richard Feuk, Don Gillies, Graham Willis and Peter Stahl (won 26-14); Garth Wiffen, Kelvin Wiffen, Bruce Major and Helen Holzer (lost 21-22); Peter Holzer, Kevin McGreevy, Robert Clayton and Leigh Milgate (won 26-14).

Rochester won overall by 23 shots.

The team will be at home to Rich River on Saturday.

Division 2 v Lockington at home: Brian Jones, Tim Quinlan, John Boyd and Allan Crilly (won 30-11); Brian Trengove, Ross Turner, Greg Watkins and Peter Stack (lost 18-24); John Weeks, Gerard Browne, Robert Knight and Daryl Hooper (won 35-11).

Rochester won overall by 37 shots.

This week the team is away to Rich River.

Division 3 v Deni RSL at Deni: Graeme Chambers, Gavin Houlihan, Des Hocking and Kevin Hall (lost 13-19); Hedley Moon, Allan Benson, Bert Smolenaars and Ron Gledhill (lost 17-36); Tony Scott, Mal Macraild, Mick Ellis and Kevin Burrow (lost 18-26).

Rochester lost overall by 33 shots.

On Saturday, the team is home to Rich River.

Division 4 v Lockington at home: Anton Gusak, Norm Christie, Jim Pentelow and Rod McAsey (lost 18-24); David Murray, Kevin McCormick, Phil Hampson and Noel Sexton (lost 10-34); Graham Prince, Bruce Kneebone, Don Thompson and Bill Ault (lost 18-20).

Rochester lost overall by 32 shots.

This Saturday the team is away to Rich River.

Other news

Ladies Morning Fours sponsored by the Criterion Hotel was on Wednesday, January 8 with 24 teams competing.

Linda Harris’ team were the winners with 58 shots up while the runners-up were Margo Brennan’s team with 56 shots up.

Crackerjack begins on January 28 at 5pm, names to Jane McCallum.

On Sunday, February 2, there will be mixed night bowls beginning at 7 pm.

Barefoot bowls will start on Friday, January 31 and will conclude in late April.

The cost of $5 or $10 per family is a one off payment.

Bring friends, family or workmates with play starting at 4:30pm.


The resumption of CVBD Pennant after the New Year break did not realise the results we intended.

However, the division four men saluted for the club scoring a 78-46 victory over Rochester with all rinks up.

Division two felt the full wrath of their opponents to suffer a 47-76 loss against Rochester.

The Ian Johnson rink fared the best to score an exciting 24-18 victory.

Rink details

Division Two — Ian Johnson def. B. Trengove 24-18; Graham Turner lost to B. Jones 11-30; Jim Harris l.t. J Weeks 11-35.

Division Four — Geoff Shawcross def. A. Gusak 24-18; Steve Peter def. G. Prince 20-18; Bill Musgrove def. D. Murray 34-10.

The win for division four places them just 17 points shy of the four.

The women played Rich River on Friday and lost the game 47-76 with no rink wins.

Rink details: Margaret Davis lt. J. Hocken 11-32; Kath Palmer lt. V. Noar 20-22; Phylis MacFralane lt. P. Stiles 16-22.

On the tournament circuit the club has travelled to Leitchville, Calivil, Elmore, City of Echuca and Mathoura and enjoyed all venues.

The club offers get well wishes to club president Russell Shawcross who is convalescing after a hospital stay.

Phil Collins and Chris Stewart also had a brief stint in hospital.

The annual Christmas Hamper competition was well supported.

A load of thanks to secretary Joy Weller and Bev Brereton for their effort.

The winners included Tok Martin (first prize), Amy Leahy (second) and Julie Prowse (third).

The club would like to thank all supporters who purchased tickets.

On Sunday, February 2 the club will hold the coveted Cunnington Cup mixed pairs 2x4x2 tournament starting at 1pm.

With the small green under renovation the field will be restricted to the first 24 teams entered. It is essential that bowlers are encouraged to enter early. Phone Chris Stewart on 54862607 for details.