Community urged to help end violence against women

Time for change: White Ribbon Australia is seeking donations to help it address family violence. Photo by Megan Fisher

White Ribbon Australia is calling on all Australians to support community initiatives to end violence against women by donating to its end of financial year Tax Appeal Campaign before June 30.

Tragically in Australia, on average a man is responsible for the murder of his current or former female partner every 11 days.

White Ribbon Australia national director Allan Ball said men’s violence against women was an ongoing epidemic in Australia.

“But working together we really can change this grim statistic,” Mr Ball said.

“Social norms that green-light disrespect, sexual harassment and abuse are drivers of men’s violence against women.

“Being a little bit sexist isn’t okay — not in the pub, on the sporting field, or in the family home.

“As a society we need to change these norms by supporting whole-of-population initiatives that address beliefs about rigid gender stereotypes and power.

“Through our community engagement programs, White Ribbon Australia is making real change in communities across Australia, helping locally-led initiatives to get off the ground and to get to work.

“These initiatives work because the groups understand community issues and the solutions required at a local level.”

Community partner Penny Marangos believes that White Ribbon Australia’s primary prevention work in communities is key to addressing the drivers of violence against women.

“As a victim-survivor of gendered violence myself, being a community partner has been incredibly empowering,” Ms Marangos said.

“It has enabled me to use the knowledge that I’ve gained, as well as my personal experience, to go out into my community and start a narrative about the causes of gendered violence and how we can prevent that from happening in future.”

Your end of financial year donations will enable White Ribbon Australia to form and support more community action groups and community partners across Australia, allowing primary prevention initiatives to reach new communities.

“With Australia’s support, we can change social norms and create a safer future for women and their children,” Mr Ball said.

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