100 days into their education

Hit the target: Celebrations for 100 Days of Education have become a large part of the Rochester Primary School curriculum. Imaginative infant-level teachers created a treasure hunt for the numbers 1-100, with Max Morgan and Mace Nuttall discovering the triple figures.
Cute couple: Tait Howe and Olivia Roberts drew on dancy dress reserves from home to present themselves as more ancient replicas of their prep student selves during the Rochester Primary School celebration.
Bow tie boys: Ralph Murray and Charlie Collins, complete with bow ties, braces and walking sticks celebrate being at school on the 100th day of the year.
Prep pensioners: Lahni Hayward, Evie Burns and Mia Cartlidge as “old ladies’’ who stumbled across a number relevant to their perceived age last week.
Room with a view: Dressed to celebrate the 100 Days of Education are Indi Kennedy and Dakota Sweeney, during the prep treasure hunt last week at Rochester primary.
100th celebration: Prep students from St Joseph’s Primary School, complete with cake, marked the 100th day of their school journey with teacher Miss Lauren Sortino last week.
100 days smarter: Violet Plant has obviously enjoyed her first 100 days of school.
Cake cutting: Harry Carmichael and Jessica Carmichael with the cake that Harry helped to make in recognition of the 100 days of education event.
Balloon boy: Blake Touhey with one of the balloons used to mark the occasion. Prep students from throughout the region were involved in celebrations last week.