White Hills too high for Cats

By Campaspe News

LOCKINGTON-BAMAWM United’s A grade netball side was desperate to improve on its Heathcote District Netball League season-opening disaster against White Hills.

Some five weeks later, they’ve somehow hit Armageddon.

Because while LBU is on a slow rise, White Hills is primed for an assault at the pointy end of the season.

On Saturday, the Demons well and truly showed why they are the white-hot premiership favourites as they brushed their hosts aside in an 80-goal massacre.

Heading into the game, a big margin was expected but nothing along these lines.

“Honestly, as a team we knew almost everything would have to go wrong for White Hills for us to win,” LBU captain Carlie Jones said.

“We wanted to play with pride and give it our best shot.

“Even when things did get tough we kept trying our all.

“I’m really proud of how the girls fought until the end.”

It was always going to be a difficult task for the undermanned Cats, with some players asked to play eight quarters of netball on Saturday.

“We’re really lucky as a club to have people who want to step up to the challenge,” Jones explained.

“Against the best teams, everyone could have easily shied away.

“As a captain, you can only ask that everyone gives their best.”

Having seen White Hills firsthand on two occasions, Jones believes that no other side will seriously launch a challenge at the premiership.

“They are the most polished unit I have ever seen,” she said.

“The way they rotate between positions is simply outstanding.

“We have so much respect for the way they play the game.

“There is never any malice and they play by the rules.”

LBU will now get the chance to regroup due to the interleague break, before travelling to take on Mount Pleasant on May 25.