Three years after heart transplant, Adelina is starting kindergarten

By Madeleine Byron

It has been almost three years since Shepparton’s Adelina Jaskolski received a heart transplant.

Now four years old, the youngster will start kindergarten next year at Kialla Children’s Centre.

Adelina’s mother, Kimberley Jaskolski, said her daughter battled to reach the milestone after being diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus this year.

“Tests revealed she had contracted what was known as the kissing disease and we were really worried because she had lost three kilos over winter,” Mrs Jaskolski said.

“Once a heart kid contracts the virus, they not only have it for life but unlike us, symptoms will continue to reappear.”

Adelina Jaskolski's fighting spirit has continued, with the four-year-old starting kinder soon.

True to her fighting spirit, Adelina’s physical health was back on track by spring.

“She seems to still be growing and her body has started to sort itself out,” Mrs Jaskolski said.

Adelina is scheduled to attend an orientation on Tuesday, December 10, and Mrs Jaskolski said her daughter was excited to start kindergarten.

“It’s a really good milestone for her and the family, considering we didn’t know what the future was going to hold from the very beginning,” she said.

Mrs Jaskolski said Adelina was making progress mentally as well.

“Her brain has started to kick into that learning phase, where she wants to learn numbers and the alphabet,” she said.

“The plan is to see how she goes; if it turns out it's only the one year in kindergarten she needs then she will move on to school the year after, but if she needs two years then so be it.”