Nightmare on Belmore Street

The resealing works at the entrance of the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge where only one lane is open.

The current Belmore Street road works carried out by Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) to rebuild a 400-metre section of the road between the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge and Piper Street is causing chaos and delays of up to an hour for motorists.

Without sufficient notice and common-sense, RRV have closed off one lane on the entry to the Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge which has banked up traffic throughout Belmore Street and the adjoining side streets.

Retailers have again been affected by the works with some saying it is the worst week of trade since the height of the pandemic when they had limited hours.

Traders are concerned that with the important June long weekend trade fast approaching that if works continue, it will be a further blow to businesses still struggling with the tail end of the pandemic.

Road works near the main traffic bridge have banked up traffic throughout Belmore Street and the adjoining off streets such as Orr Street.

Truck drivers, one with a full load of livestock, have been severely delayed while locals have been late for work and many residents delayed getting to school to drop off and pick up their children. An ambulance this morning also had to weave its way through heavily congested traffic to get over the bridge.

Local member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy said his phone has been ringing off the hook with concerned residents.

“It’s disappointing that there was little to no notice for the broader public that the bridge would be changed to one way,” Mr McCurdy said.

Mr McCurdy said he was disappointed authorities could not see the resultant chaos and open the weir bridge while the works were being done.

“It appears the MDBA who control the weir bridge don’t see the need to open it for a week.

“At the moment I am working on finding a solution with the various parties. Hopefully we can get some common sense to prevail and a quick solution or alternative route that will reduce the strain on cars bumper to bumper out to the highway.”

RRV have indicated the works to create a smoother, safer surface for all road users would take two months with the resurfacing expected to be finished next week, June 6.

A focus on pedestrian safety is a major component of the $1.5 million Belmore Street two-month upgrade project.

RRV have confirmed that eight car parking spots will be removed to make way for multiple pedestrian (zebra) crossings located at existing informal crossing points at each intersection along Belmore Street to provide appropriate distance for reversing vehicles to the nearby crossing.

A reduced permanent speed limit of 40km/h and several speed cushions will also be installed on approaches to Belmore Street in Orr, Piper and Witt Street.

With traffic congestion already a problem on Belmore Street many people have already published their frustration about the expectant slowing of traffic from more pedestrian crossings and reduced speed limits on the Chronicle’s Facebook page.

Regional Director (Hume), Department of Transport Steve Bowmaker said RRV have worked closely with Moira Shire Council on this project and identified opportunities to improve safety for vulnerable road users including pedestrians and cyclists in a high-volume traffic area.

“We completed a full assessment of Belmore Street and found this section of the road required a pavement rehabilitation due to significant deterioration.

“The assessment revealed additional safety improvements, such as installing zebra crossings and the safer speed reduction, would improve safety for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists.”

Mr Bowmaker said that RRV engaged with businesses on the delivery of the planned works and received positive feedback despite many businesses saying they only knew of the project the week before after a flyer was dropped in on their front counters.

Mr Bowmaker also confirmed the pedestrian crossings will not include flashing lights.

For regular work updates, visit the RRV website ( and search for Belmore Street Yarrawonga safety improvements.