Holy tango! Talk about bill shock

By Lachlan Durling

YOU can imagine Damien Buegge’s surprise went he went to the post office to pay his $40 electricity bill to then discover an almost 100,000 per cent increase in the due balance.

Slightly more than a month after changing to what was marketed as one of the cheapest providers, Damien was given his first bill for his usage at $40.78 due by Friday the 13th.

Whether the date is an omen, or it was just a glitch in the system, Damien was standing at the post office facing his first monthly electricity bill of $40,004.07 with tango energy.

“I tried paying it but there was an error, so I went to pay it over the counter and that’s when the balance came up,” he said.

“The person who was serving me told me the amount, she just laughed and asked how much would I like to pay.”

While everything looked as it should on the paper bill, the payment details at the bottom were for a different account – which was one number more and had a reference number one number shorter than Damien’s.

“I’m not sure whose bill I’ve ended up with – it would have to be for a business. Either that or the meter reader wasn’t very happy with me,” he laughed.

When he was asked if he’d stay a customer with his new ‘cheaper’ provider, the jury was still out.

“I haven’t called them to see what happened just yet so I’m not too sure,” he said.

“I was with Simply Energy and changed to tango to save money so hopefully it will get sorted out.”

Tango energy chief executive Domenic Capomolla said customers should only pay the due amount on their bill.

"Talk about bill shock, we were as shocked as our customers to learn about this billing error. The actual amount on the bills is correct, it just registers the wrong amount at Australia Post," he said.

"We've discussed it with Australia Post who have advised of a fix being in place next week.

‘Our customers have all been notified and we’ve advised them to ignore any incorrect charge that rings up at Australia Post and to only pay the amount written on the actual bill.

"If a customer has a billing discrepancy in the future, they shouldn't hesitate to contact us directly for assistance."