Emergency Services commissioner visits Rochester

By Jared Prestwidge

Emergency Services commissioner Andrew Crisp paid a visit to Rochester Fire Station last week to thank CFA District 20 members, Victoria Police, Forest Fire Management and SES for their efforts during the Code Red Fire Danger day on November 21.

The commissioner mingled with the crowd before giving a short speech reiterating the importance, knowledge and skill of our volunteers.

Rochester CFA captain Luke Warren said it was a nice feeling to be recognised by someone so highly regarded.

“It’s always good to be thanked for your work … it was really humbling for him to come to Rochester and show genuine interest and gratitude.”

“It was a team effort. All involved worked together to achieve our common goal.”

Mr Warren said following the Code Red day, Rochester and district residents must stay diligent when it comes to fire preparation.

“The conditions we had on Thursday weren’t typical of November weather, but it does reinforce the message that there is a long, dry summer ahead,” he said.