Lockington resident raises $7000 for breast cancer research

By Jared Prestwidge

LOCKINGTON residents have proven their community spirit once again, by helping raise over $7000 for breast cancer research.

Alison Stewart, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, held the fundraising event at Lockington Lions Park, where she shaved her head for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Alison said the goal of the event was not just to raise funds for the foundation, but to encourage discussion about breast cancer and raise awareness.

“It’s something that makes people bury their heads in the sand. It’s not something men or women want to talk about,” she said.

“As with anything, awareness is the first step to doing something about it.”

On top of the numerous donations, eight members of the community went the extra mile and shaved their heads in solidarity, including Alison’s sons Justin and Ryan.

Alison said she was confident she would break her $5000 target but did not expect to raise as much as she did.

“Lockington isn’t just a community, it’s got way more of family feel about it. It’s all about looking after each other and looking out for each other,” she said.

“This is just another example of Lockington showing what it can do.”

And now that she has begun her true fight against breast cancer, Alison said the support given from family, friends, colleagues and strangers made her feel like she could get through anything.

“Everybody in the community knows that I’m an independent and strong individual but I say to people that I’m not going to ask for help for things I can do, but I will ask for things that I can’t,” Alison said.

“I relate this back to any problem that arises in my life. We can let our problems destroy us, define us or strengthen us.”

You can donate to Alison’s cause at