Campaspe Shire Council meeting update

By Lachlan Durling

Campaspe Shire Council has approved a new policy to provide guidelines to meet the increased demand for public dump points to support the rapid rise in caravanning to the region.

Dump points are places where caravan travellers can dispose of septic waste and communities have quickly come to realise that having a dump point could potentially drive tourism to their towns.

The policy contains five key areas to consider in any request including existing facilities, commercial impact, proposed use of council land, compliance and facility ownership and sustainability.

¦ Council has completed a review of its Council Plan 2017–21 (incorporating the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan) and confirmed the plan remains appropriate, with no changes made.

The plan is council’s key strategic document for the four year term of Council, reflecting the needs of the community. The Council Plan is available on council’s website.

¦ Council has approved the revised Waste, Recycling and Food and Garden Organics Guidelines – a document which sets out the principles and rules for managing waste, recycling and food and garden waste services across the shire.

Originally adopted in 2014, the updated guidelines capture changes to kerbside services, in particular, the garden organics bin moving to an expanded service, now a food and garden waste bin.

The guidelines complement Council’s Resource Recovery and Waste Management Strategy (2018-2023).

¦ Council has noted the outcomes of a strategy and policy benchmarking exercise to identify gaps in council’s strategies and policies when compared to other councils within its benchmark group.

Seven new or updated strategies have been identified through the review and no new policies. In priority order they are: tourism strategy, recreation strategy, ageing strategy, workforce development strategy, youth strategy, arts and culture strategy and library strategy.

The establishment of a strategy fund to support development of priority strategies on an annual basis will be referred to the 2020/21 budget process for consideration.