Join REDHS this “Voluntober”

By James Arbuthnott

LEANNE Walker offered to help an REDHS staff member with her aunty during a regular visit when they asked if she had ever considered becoming a volunteer.

It has been two years since Leanne began assisting the Thursday morning craft group at REDHS — and she has not looked back.

“For a little bit of my time the reward is so much more than that,” Leanne said.

“I love doing craft and I love seeing the residents sitting around a table chatting and engaging in the activities.”

Leanne is just one of the 61 volunteers who donate as little as an hour a week to lead her community to better health through the rewarding act of volunteering.

“There’s lots of laughter and fun around that table and the residents love seeing their knitted squares come to life as picture toys,” Leanne said.

“Voluntober” is an appeal for new members to join the community of volunteers at REDHS, with every form of help accepted including reading, arts and crafts, ladies auxiliary, men’s and chook shed helpers, musical entertainment and much more.

Even a short sit-down, a gentle walk or a chat can improve the wellbeing of REDHS residents — and who better to do it than members of the community they know and love and are still very much a part of.

Volunteer co-ordinator Fiona Ferrinda has made her career in aged care and is passionate about the benefits of volunteering not just for patients, residents and clients, but also for the volunteers themselves.

“If a smiling face walks through the door it’s someone new to look at, and people feel better about themselves when they can really give back to their community,” Ms Ferrinda said.

“Volunteering benefits residents in so many ways and we couldn’t run our groups without them — it becomes a family of volunteers, residents, clients and patients who really are important to each other.

“Just an hour in someone’s day is beneficial for everyone — the families, volunteers and the residents.

“The residents love to see them and look forward to seeing them. They know who’s coming in to call bingo or read the newspaper or to take them for a walk.

“You can always go home with a smile on your face.”

If you’re interested in “Voluntober” at REDHS contact volunteer co-ordinator Fiona Ferrinda on 5484 4465 or via email at [email protected]