Wytaliba residents waiting to return home

By AAP Newswire

Wytaliba locals continue to wait for a chance to return to their NSW town with roads closed for the fourth straight day after a deadly blaze ripped through the hamlet.

John Biles turned up to the roadblock 12 kilometres from the town with a car full of groceries and other supplies on Monday - just as he did on Saturday and Sunday.

"I manage a property down there with my brother," he told AAP.

"Each night I find a motel in town, go to Vinnies and get another set of clothes, and then get back out here again in the morning."

The northern NSW town remains a crime scene after two people died in Friday's Kangawalla bushfire.

Emergency services fear more could die or be seriously injured from trees falling across the only road into town - a thin path that cuts down a forested escarpment.

Mr Biles said his brother had been into the town since Friday and had reported minimal stock losses.

"All the pastures are gone, we don't have any water," he said.

"With the drought, the last thing we bloody needed was a fire."

Storm Sparks and her young son, Zeke Bacon, have also been coming back on a daily basis, and have heard a report from town that some of her animals had survived.

Wytaliba resident Vivian Chaplain, 69, was one of two locals killed in the fire.

Ms Chaplain was treated for burns before being transferred to a Sydney hospital where she later died.

The second victim of Friday's firestorm, George Nole, was found in a burnt-out car.

Those who knew the elderly Wytaliba man have praised him as "such a gentleman".

The Kangawalla fire - which has so far burned through 12,500 hectares - is being controlled.