Frank Tobias, the unofficial best friend of every dog in Kyabram

By Holly Tregenza

FRANK Tobias is the unofficial best friend of every dog in Kyabram.

If you head to Edis Park at 7am, you'll see why.

At 92, Frank is keeping up his more than 30-year tradition of walking five laps of the park every morning.

And he always keeps dog treats in his pocket for friends he meets along the way.

The home Frank and his wife of 63 years, Enid, have lived in since 1956 borders Edis Park and feels to them like an extension of their backyard.

And Franks certainly treats it that way.

“Somehow I've inherited the responsibility of refilling the dog bags,” he said with a laugh.

“It's all right though, I walk past it every morning and I can see the dog bag station from my back garden, so I can keep an eye on it.

“Sometimes I clear the sticks from the grass to under the trees so the mower doesn't get stuck on it, and just generally I try to help where I can."

Frank owned Tobias Motors on Alan St for most of his life, and kept German shepherd's as guard dogs throughout his 30-plus years of ownership.

That progressed into a natural love of fluffy companionship.

“They're just nice to have around,” he said.

“Dogs are amazing.

“I will give them a treat one day, and the next day they remember me from their one interaction and quickly abandon their owners to come bounding over and say hello.”

But Frank runs a tight ship — all dogs must sit politely if they want to get a treat.

“And of course I always check with their owners if it's all right,” Frank said.

It's a tradition he hopes to continue well into the future.

And it's clear his four-legged friends would like that too.