Teachers drive by students

By Daniel Hughes

The driveway applause for health care workers has taken off around the country, and in Finley a special ‘drive by’ was established to recognise the education sector.

The initiative undertaken by Finley Public School serves not only to applaud teachers and staff who have been working throughout the crisis, but to provide a morale boost for students learning from home.

Teachers and learning support officers took to their cars last week, forming a procession which passed by the homes of students.

The initiative was the brainchild of principal Jocelyn Robinson, who saw it as an opportunity to stay connected to students.

“Jocelyn originally got the idea from a Corowa school who did a drive around,” school administrative manager Sasha Wood said.

“It was really well received by the students, the teachers and learning support officers who participated.

“The teachers mapped out the town so they could see all the children. They were so happy to see the children and wave to them as they drove by.”

Cassandra, Harley and Corey Dundon has their own special surprise for the teachers, waiting on their front lawn with some personalised signs.

Nine year-old Corey said it was a fun experience, as is the learning from home he;s doing under the supervision of his mother Liana Dundon.

“I'm enjoying school from home at the moment; we get to do a lot of active things like sport and art,” Corey said.

“We are playing hopscotch and soccer in the backyard and we are choosing a letter of the day to draw and colour in.

“I prefer to go to school at home, but I do miss seeing my friends. I get to Facetime them during recess and lunch, which is good.

“We do library almost every day. We get to be the teacher and read a book.”

Mrs Dundon said her children are engaging in the curriculum and have adjusted well to learning outside the classroom.

“My children are doing really well so far. They all call me Mrs Dundon during school hours, so that's funny.

“We have turned their bedrooms in to their classrooms and after lunch we do library studies which, like in their own classes, the kids get to become the teachers.

“They choose a book and read it out loud. It is amusing to see our five year-old leading a classroom of her older siblings.

“We have packs prepared from the school and other learning material at home, so we are swapping between them.”

The ‘drive-by’ initiative will continue with another procession tomorrow, but in a different way.

“This Thursday, parents and children are doing a drive by past the school for all the teachers to stand out by the fence and wave before school breaks for the holidays,” Mrs Wood said.

“Some of the teachers might even dress up for it.”