Egg-cellent find as Echuca man cracks four double yolkers

By Ivy Jensen

IT'S about a one in a 1000 chance of cracking a double yolker egg. The odds are even higher if you manage to find two or even three.

Imagine then how rare it would be to find four double yolkers?

Ignoring all other factors, it's about one in every trillion.

But it's happened right here in Echuca, when Senior Sergeant Mick Carroll was making his famous zucchini slice.

After buying a dozen eggs from the farmers market, the local cop cracked four double yolks in a row.

“They were all from brown eggs and the single yolk was from a white egg," he said.

‘‘The eggs were beautiful. I haven’t seen a double yolker for a long time and then to get four out of five eggs was great.

‘‘It was my best zucchini slice yet.’’

Mick immediately went out and bought a lotto ticket to see if his egg-cellent luck continued.

‘‘Unfortunately, I got luckier with the eggs than I did with Tattslotto," he laughed.