No place like home: Missing house possibly in Echuca

By Alex Gretgrix

A MELBOURNE family has lost its home.


The much-loved childhood home of Tim Perdix stood in William St, Box Hill, for years but in 2006 was sold, pulled up and transported north.

To Echuca.

Where it has apparently disappeared, as surely as if it had entered the Bermuda Triangle.

Taking with it so many of those childhood memories which are the things we carry with us forever.

Good or bad, they are one of the many aspects that make us who we are.

But what if you lost something dear to you?

A place so dear to you, where many memories and stories were made.

Unfortunately Tim knows this feeling all too well.

The home he and his family knew affectionately as Cabarita was last seen loaded on heavy transport and headed to the Echuca area in December of that year.

Where the trail abruptly ends.

“For the past 12 months I’ve been making dozens of phone calls to see if I can find where the house ended up,” Tim said.

He started his search by making a call to Whitehorse City Council in Box Hill.

“The council helped me find the name of the builder and trucking company who moved the house,” he said.

“After dozens of phone calls, the builder vividly remembered the house, but couldn't remember where he moved it to. The trucking company said the same thing.”

But still Tim didn't give up.

He made the rounds, contacting Campaspe Shire and Victoria Police, who escorted the home from Box Hill, but to no avail.

But his luck seemingly changed when he received a call from a surveyor who was on the job.

“He gave me a name for who he thought was the buyer of our house, and said they had moved it to Wunghnu,” Tim said.

“I looked on Google Images and things looked good. So I flew down to Melbourne and then on to Wunghnu, but the house in question wasn't ours.”

And no, Tim still wasn’t giving up.

Tim has continued his search on Facebook, making a post on Lost Echuca Moama, pleading for anyone who may know anything at all about a house arriving in the district 13 years ago.

His most recent efforts have been working with the Victorian Building Association to find permits

Campaspe Shire may have issued around that time for a transported home.

“I have a copper name plate with me and I just want to meet the owners and give them a copy of the plate if they want it,” he said.

“I'm hoping putting this all out there will give me an answer to what I’ve been looking for, for more than a year now.” 

If you have any information, contact Tim on [email protected]