Surprise welcome for baby Bulmer

By Olivia Duffey

When Carissa and Craig Bulmer welcomed their son on March 31, their friends and family missed the chance to spoil the new arrival with hugs, kisses and presents.

But not even Coronavirus could stop them from celebrating Louie James Bulmer’s arrival into the world in a special way.

If it had to be through a window at a safe distance, then that’s what they would do.

Friends Stacey O’Dwyer and Karma Leetham organised a series of surprise visits to the family on Sunday, planned carefully so as not to put the isolating family and their newborn at risk.

‘‘Karma and I were talking on the Friday night about how the Coronavirus means we can’t see Louie (because babies are vulnerable), and then we said we should organise a drive by and hand out blue balloons,’’ Mrs O’Dwyer said.

‘‘We changed that idea because I was already going there with my daughter Immy and husband Frank to meet him through the window. 

‘‘So we organised for their family and friends to come to the house to surprise the family while I distracted them.

‘‘While I was outside talking to Carissa through the bedroom window, everyone gathered at the front of the house, but 1.5 metres apart. Karma had notified the police the day before, and to check it was okay to do it in one group.

‘‘We then instructed Carissa and Craig to go to the lounge room window where they were greeted by loved ones and balloons on the front lawn. 

‘‘The family stayed behind the window and each family outside moved closer to the window one at a time to say hello to their new bundle of joy.’’

Mrs O’Dwyer said Carissa is ‘‘very hard to surprise’’, so she was excited to see it had worked.

‘‘Carissa sent us all a text thanking us and saying that it had made her heart melt,’’ Mrs O’Dwyer said.

‘‘It was good to surprise her like that, but still sad at the same time because we couldn’t cuddle him.

‘‘However Carissa assured us that once everything settles, we will be able to shower him with even more love and cuddles.’’ 

Louie James Bulmer was born at 10.34pm on March 31 weighing 7lb and 8oz (3401g). He is a brother for Arley, Indie and Harper Bulmer.

He is the grandson of Cheryl and Darren Thommers, and Margaret and Lindsay (dec) Bulmer.

Carissa's parents Cheryl and Darren Thommers were at the surprise visit to meet their newest grandson.
Louie James Bulmer.
The Bulmer children.