Include water mismanagement in royal commission

By Cobram Courier

Members of water advocacy group Speak Up say the proposed royal commission by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, following this season’s destructive bushfires needs to extend to other natural resource management.

Speak Up Campaign deputy chair Lachlan Marshall said there is a "natural resource crisis" that also must be addressed by government and the royal commission.

“We all acknowledge there is a changing climate and it is imperative we alter many of our policies to deal with it, but climate changes is only a small piece of the puzzle,” he said.

“And the problem extends beyond fire control.

“Due to the fires the shortage of dairy products and other staple foods has been highlighted, but this is not being caused only by fire damage in recent weeks.

“Failure to effectively manage our water resources has had a massive impact on many dairy farms, including my family’s farm.”

Mr Marshall said Speak Up has previously called for a royal commission into water mismanagement and believe the one proposed by Mr Morrison has the potential to cover the issue.

Mr Marshall said he sympathises with the people who've lost their homes and added it highlights mistakes at no properly managing natural resources.

“A royal commission into all natural resource management is needed to bring this flawed approach to a head and get action that will protect our nation, its people and its environment,” he said.