Improvements are in the pipeline

By Campaspe News

UPGRADE works have recently been undertaken to connect neighbouring Rochester irrigators to the region’s world-class water delivery system.

As part of an extensive program of in-season works, a 500m long channel slated for decommissioning, was replaced with 500m of gravity pipeline.

“Connecting irrigators to the modernised system in just 10 days is evidence of careful planning between landowners, contractor John Holland and the Connections Project team,” project director Frank Fisseler said.

“Our aim is to continue the nation’s largest irrigation infrastructure project all year round and deliver 429GL of water savings by 2020.

“Drawing on expertise and initiative from all parties we can meet a shared goal to upgrade the system in-season and ensure irrigation is not interrupted.”

On one property, the landowner agreed to rationalise two Dethridge wheels and replace a third with a 600mm slip meter.

The neighbouring landowner upgraded a Dethridge Wheel to a 450mm closed conduit flow meter relocated to the backbone channel while a section of spur channel was privatised.

The $2 billion Connections Project is Australia’s largest irrigation modernisation project and is funded by the Australian and Victorian governments.

The project will ensure the future prosperity of our region and our communities for generations to come.

In September 2016, the project released its Reset Delivery Plan. The plan was prepared in response to the Mid Term Review of Stage Two of the project, which found fundamental changes in its approach to delivery was needed to achieve the outputs on time and within budget.