Historic bridge led to Seward’s hotel

By Campaspe News

THE FIRST bridge over the Campaspe River in Rochester was a wooden structure built by Thomas Seward at his own expense.

His aim was to enable his patrons to get from the station to his hotel, which was located on the corner of Lowry and High streets.

It was replaced in September 1917 by the present bridge, which is located further down from the original.

A steam engine and trailer, which weighed more than 16 tonnes at the time, was driven over the finished bridge to test its duability.

An offical opening welcomed councillors from the Shire of Rochester and members of the Country Roads board.

The ribbon used in the ceremony was cut into smaller pieces and sold, with funds raised going to the Red Cross.

In high floods, such as those in 1956, 1983, 1992 and 2011, water laps at the arch in the middle of the bridge and if you take the path underneath to the top of the bank you will find the flood markers.