‘This was a gift we weren’t expecting’

By Lachlan Durling

THE Rochester CFA was able to buy new equipment thanks to a $1600 donation from the Rochester Hospital Auxiliary.

The money bought a firefighting branch — or in layman’s terms a nozzle — and torches.

The firefighting branch costs about $1000 and is something Rochester CFA captain Luke Warren said would have taken some time to fundraise for.

‘‘Without that support from the hospital auxiliary it takes a lot longer to be able to purchase it through our own fundraising,’’ he said. ‘‘This was a gift we just weren’t expecting.’’

The torches are head torches, which are completely sealed, meaning firefighters can use them where there may be a risk of sparking a fire, for example at a gas leak.

Capt. Warren said the support from the community was outstanding and thanked the Rochester Hospital Auxiliary for its donation.