Medal for humble Bob

By Lachlan Durling

BOB Knight credits his involvement in a plethora of community groups to being ‘‘in the right place at the right time’’.

He’s also the first to say there are plenty of other locals who deserve recognition for their efforts around town.

It’s that attitude — and a long list of community involvement across five major clubs and multiple others — which has earned him an Order of Australia Medal (OAM).

Presented at the recent Australia Day celebrations in Rochester, Bob stepped out from behind the Lions Club barbecue to accept the honour.

But for the born and bred Rochester man, his volunteering throughout the years was second nature to him.

Bob is a life member at five clubs in town and at the Goulburn Valley Football League, adding to his already impressive resume.

But a club he holds closest to his heart is the Rochester Lions Club, of which he’s held the positions of president and secretary of the club and served on the board. He’s still a current member.

‘‘I’ve enjoyed it all and it’s good working with locals for a cause,’’ he said.

‘‘The Lions Club is a bit different to the others because you’re working with so many people for a range of different causes.’’

His involvement with the Rochester Lions Club began in 1988 after the bingo, which raised between $80,000-$90,000 over 11 years, stopped running and he was convinced to join by a mate.

Nothing to be sneezed at, Bob simply said they ‘‘raised a few dollars’’ from the bingo.

It was this humility he received from his parents, and passed on to his children.

‘‘We were just brought up that way, to help someone if you can,’’ he said.

‘‘And we tried to bring up the kids to be involved in everything — and they are, which is good.’’

Bob said he has been inundated with calls and letters throughout the past week from friends and relatives, and thanks everyone for their kind words.