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Another actress sues Weinstein over rape

By AAP Newswire

An actress who appeared in HBO's Boardwalk Empire is suing Harvey Weinstein, saying the disgraced movie mogul raped her, harassed her and hurt her career.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges Weinstein raped Paz de la Huerta twice in New York in December 2010.

Police said last November they were investigating, but no charges have been filed.

The suit alleges that in January 2011 Weinstein exposed himself to her in Beverly Hills and attempted to get her to have sex.

The suit states that Weinstein taunted de La Huerta with phone calls and was involved with her firing from Boardwalk Empire.

Weinstein's lawyer Ben Brafman noted the lack of criminal charges and saidde la Huerta's other allegations are "the product of an unstable personality with a vivid imagination".