Neglect is an insult to all: Walsh slams government’s treatment of Random House

By Campaspe News

RANDOM House in Rochester has housed fond memories for many locals over the years.

But unfortunately, the 129-year-old homestead is edging closer and closer to ruin.

Leader of the Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh has branded the state government’s failure to make a decision to either sell the property or restore it as “a complete insult and injustice” to the Rochester community.

“I first raised this issue with the relevant minister on August 16, 2016,’’ Mr Walsh said.

“Since that time I have consistently pushed, prodded and pressured the government to act, but they have sat on their hands and done absolutely nothing, they have not even taken a step to protect Random House while they continue to procrastinate.’’

Mr Walsh said he had recent reports of the homestead being ransacked once again.

“Doors have been kicked in, windows smashed, the old safe cut open and all the historical documents burnt,’’ he said. ‘‘If Random House catches on fire, it’s game over!

“I raised the matter again in parliament recently challenging the relevant minister to inform the Rochester community of his decision.

“Is Random House to be sold, or is government going to restore the homestead to the condition it was in when they took ownership?

“There is only one thing that is certain — Random House is going to be lost to the Rochester community for ever unless urgent action is taken by the Andrews Labor government .”