Bank on these bags to put plastic in past

May 22, 2018

Brad Major, Matt Hawker, Amanda Logie, Kelly Viney, Kerri McPhee and Melissa Ashwell want Rochester to be plastic bag-free.

AMANDA Logie wants to see Rochester go plastic bag-free.

And thanks to a sponsorship from Elmore Lockington Rochester Community Bank, our town may be one step closer to that goal.

The bank has provided the town with 3000 Bendigo Bank cloth bags.

And Amanda, coordinator at Rochester Community House (RCH), is encouraging local businesses to take advantage of this donation and switch from plastic bags to more environmentally friendly options.

And you barely have to do anything to get the ball rolling.

‘‘Our aim is to visit businesses and take just five minutes of your time to show you an example of free, sustainable alternatives to plastic bags,’’ Amanda said.

‘‘For those of you already using paper bags we will provide you with Bendigo Bank-branded enviro bags, with the potential to use boomerang bags also.

‘‘For those of you who are currently using plastic bags, we have a couple of options including a variety of paper bags, enviro bags and the potential of the use of boomerang bags.

‘‘We want to make it as easy as possible for people involved — we’ll do the groundwork and get the ball rolling.’’

RCH has also purchased a range of brown paper bags, which will be provided for free during the trial period.

Businesses are encouraged to consider creating a buying group for future purchases of the bags.

‘‘We will also be calling on members of the community who would be interested in making boomerang bags which can be used and returned to locations yet to be decided upon,’’ Amanda said.

‘‘People can come to sewing sessions at the community house or sew from home and we’ll provide the material.’’

Amanda hoped making Rochester plastic bag-free would preserve its surroundings for generations to come.

‘‘I want my kids and grandkids to be able to experience all of what we have with mother nature,’’ she said.

‘‘If our earth is all choked up with plastic, we won’t be able to enjoy the environment as we do now.

‘‘A lot of this just comes down to changing habits.’’

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