Putting in your report is a snap

April 11, 2018

This image of a pot hole was snapped and sent in via the app in hope the council would solve the dangerous road.

YOU Snap it. Send it. And ideally it gets solved.

That is the basis for a new app which allows users to report public hazards, nuisances or infringements to over 700 responsible authorities for further investigation — including every local council.

Snap Send Solve is a free mobile app and there have been more than 700 reports within Campaspe Shire.

And roads are the biggest issue.

Of the 752 total reports, 39.82 per cent were in relation to poor roads.

Close behind was the general request category (22.12 per cent), which the app developers say ‘‘It’s there for anything that doesn’t fit into a specific category, but we find most general requests would fit into the categories, the user has just decided to send it via general.’’

Pavement was the next biggest issue with 15.34 per cent.

Only 2.06 per cent of traffic was in relation to litter complaints and 1.18 per cent to do with damaged playground equipment.

Campaspe Shire corporate services general manager Fleur Cousins said the app is used by councillors, staff and the Campaspe community to report issues across the shire.

‘‘So far this year council has received 32 reports via the app,’’ she said.

‘‘The main reportable topics in Campaspe relate to roads and trees.’’

But when asked if they would recommend the service, council suggested going through their own channels.

‘‘The community is welcome to lodge service requests directly with council through the call centre and customer service centres,’’ Ms Cousins said.

You can download Snap Send Solve via the App Store or Google Play or upload an image to the website

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