Drug information stands introduced to our region

April 03, 2018

REDHS health promotion officer Crystie Ballard, Rochester Community House co-ordinator Amanda Logie and RELDAT member Nell Bywaters with one of the new drug and resource awareness stands.

OUR communities are continuing to take a stand against drug use with new drug awareness stands.

The eye-catching carousels – scattered in hubs across the region – are stocked with a range of resources aimed at increasing awareness of drugs and alcohol and where to go for help and support, locally.

“This is another initiative aimed at providing the community with up-to-date, resourced information,” Rochester and Elmore District Health Service (REDHS) health promotion officer Crystie Ballard said.

“Initially we were just going to create an educational flier, but there is just so much credible information out there.

“So we utilised the new and updated resources from our funding body, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, among many other organisations that aim to support the community to create these amazing resource stands.”

The stands are the brainchild of the Rochester and Elmore Local Drug Action Team (RELDAT).

Led by REDHS and including a wide range of local community groups, RELDAT has worked to develop realistic and effective responses to local drug issues.

The resource stands are the final initiative in RELDAT’s project, which also included four ‘Melt the Ice’ workshops (aimed at aiding communities to develop targeted community drug action plans) and the launch of the ‘Melt the Ice’ Facebook page.

RELDAT member Nell Bywaters was thrilled to see the stands finally come to fruition.

“It’s so exciting. People keep saying, ‘I need help, I need information, but I just don’t know where to go’,” she said.

These stands will provide the solution.

“We hope to enhance protective factors and stop people from using in the first place,” Crystie said.

“It’s all about education.”

The stands can be found at Rochester Community House, Elmore Primary Health Service, Lockington Neighbourhood House and on rotation between Nanneella Hall and Nanneella General Store.

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