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March 28, 2018

Under 12 boys: Winner - Jacob Haines (LBU), Runner-up - Ryan Stobaus (Echuca Lawn).

Under 10 boys: Winner - Edward Trevaskis (Toolamba), Runner-up - James Brentnall (LBU).

Under 10 girls: Runner-up - Abbey Stobaus (Echuca Lawn), Winner - Maisy Byrne (LBU).

Under 12 girls: Runner-up - Annie Byrne (LBU), Winner - Ayla Kingma (Rich River).

GM3 West premier: Lockington-Bamawm United (Front: Lois Toohey, Faye Bail, Katie Condliffe, Mel Haines. Back: Milo Condliffe, Darryl Squires, Ian Haines, Grant Humbert, Jeremy Mundie, Narelle Bacon).

THE summer season of tennis is over but that doesn’t mean the sport has wrapped up in the region.

The Campaspe Tennis Association grand finals have been played and won, as has the Goulburn Murray Lawn Tennis Association grand finals which saw Lockington Bamawm United (7 sets, 79 games) defeat Rochester (6 sets, 76 games) to win the GM3 West division.

Tennis continued after the regular summer competitions with the third tournament of the Loddon Campaspe Junior Masters Series.

It was far from an ideal day for tennis, with the 40 competitors being forced to battle against a major windstorm.

The storm, which was consistent across the day, caused a number of problems for both the competitors on the court as well as those watching in the stands.

Despite the weather, the players were able to produce a great deal of strong play.


Under 10 boys: Winner — Edward Trevaskis (Toolamba), runner-up — James Brentnall (LBU).

Under 10 girls: Winner — Maisy Byrne (LBU), runner-up — Abbey Stobaus (Echuca Lawn).

Under 12 boys: Winner — Jacob Haines (LBU), runner-up — Ryan Stobaus (Echuca Lawn).

Under 12 girls: Winner — Ayla Kingma (Rich River), runner-up — Annie Byrne (LBU).

Under 14 boys: Winner — Josh Bavich (Rich River), runner-up — Tom Waterson (Bendigo).

Under 14 girls: Winner — Isabella Crossman (Rich River), runner-up – Charlotte McGillivray (Rich River).

Under 17 boys: Winner — Deagan Tomkins (Rich River), runner-up — Zac Harris (Bendigo).

With the summer of tennis now behind us, attention turns to winter tennis.

The winter squad program will see junior players from the Loddon Campaspe and the Goulburn regions compete in monthly tournaments in Bendigo.

The series of tournaments will run between April and September.

For further information, contact Sarah Crossman on 0417 578 579.

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