A family-based school

March 28, 2018

A family-based school

WE HAVE developed a playground culture around a family theme with students of all ages joining in the same activities.

A walk around the playground will see students as young as prep being involved in games and activities with students through to grade six.

This does not just happen at a school of this size but is the result of a lot of work by students and staff.

A special seat called the Friendship Seat is used by anyone feeling a little lost on any day.

Sitting on this seat brings other students to them to offer support and a group to play with.


CHILDREN have loved having the opportunity to study Digital Technologies using the exciting new technology the school has purchased.

As part of our partnership with Lockington Consolidated School, we received a $50,000 grant to go towards ensuring our Digital Technologies program is innovative and engaging.

Children have learned about coding, which is the language of the computers, and used this coding to solve problems using devices like Sphero’s Bee Bots.

We are in the process of adding more robotic devices to our fleet, purchasing items such as drones and Lego Mindstorm.

Digital Technologies is going to become a huge part of our future and we are preparing our children for this in the best way possible.

Rochester Art Exhibition

THE students are always excited to have the opportunity to participate in the annual Art Exhibition.

The theme for this year is “My Hero”, and this created quite a lot of discussion about what makes a hero and who can be a hero.

We decided that anyone can be a hero.

So we then started painting who we thought was a hero in our life.

The end result was that we had superheroes, movie stars, PlayStation game heroes and, importantly, some students recognised that even their dad, mum, brothers, sisters or other family members could also be heroes.

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