Rochy teams book grand final spots

March 13, 2018

Hannah Hocking of Rochester during the CTA Section 2 tennis preliminary final between Rich River and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Jake Hocking of Rochester during the CTA Section 2 tennis preliminary final between Rich River and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

ROCHESTER tennis teams have won through to the grand finals in section one and section two of the Campaspe Tennis Association.

In the preliminary finals, Rochester 1 defeated LBU by three sets and six games in section 1 while in section 2 Rochester 4 had a strong win over Rich River by seven sets and 24 games.

Rochester teams will also contest three junior grand finals.

Meanwhile in Goulburn Murray lawn tennis, Rochester will face LBU in the GM3 West grand final.

CTA Preliminary Finals

Section 1

LBU 1 (5 sets, 79 games) lost to Rochester 1 (8 sets, 85 games)

Both teams were one a piece going into the contest so, it was all going to come down to the bounce, luck and nerves.

Stanley Brentnall and Trav Bacon accelerated ahead to give themselves a 5-0 kick start but this was slowly consumed by Zack Holmberg and James Nelson who finished first 7-8.

Matt Bongiovanni and Brad Kellett went down a break to Troy Holmberg and Brian Letcher who managed to find the turf three times in sheer desperation.

Trav Bacon and Brad Kellett had trouble finishing the big points against James Nelson and Brian Letcher who played some clever tennis.

In the singles Stanley Brentnall was on fire, although Zack Holmberg looked to be in control at times the scorecard showed different with Stan the man winning 6-2.

Matt Bonogiovanni had to risk it for the biscuit as Troy Holmberg charged the net at every opportunity to put away his bread and butter vollies although it wasn’t enough going down a break 6-4.

In the ladies Cynthia Brn and Meagan Brentnall battled hard going down 6-8 to Mandy Dingwall and Sandra Holmberg.

Michelle Stone and Ally Todd lost to the classy play of Christine Hooppell and Jenny Crockett.

Cynthia Brn and Michelle Stone lifted a gear to win 8-6 against the solid play from Mandy Dingwall and Christine Hooppell.

Meagan Brentnall and Ally Todd played consistent tennis to win 8-6 against Sandra Holmberg and Jenny Crockett. The scores were dead even and it was going to come down to the four mixed combinations.

Matt Bongiovanni and Cynthia Brn played a marathon set against Troy Holmberg and Mandy Dingwall who prevailed to win the tie-break.

Stanley Brentnall and Ally Todd lost 5-8 against Zack Holmberg and Christine Hooppell who made their shots count.

Trav Bacon and Meagan Brentnall delivered some great shots to take 8-5 win against James Nelson and Sandra Holmberg.

Brad Kellett eager to get to the airport and Michelle Stone managed to claim 3 games from Brian Letcher and Jenny Crockett.

Section 2

Rochester 4 (10/71) def. Rich River (3/47)

The Rochester men were able to start strong winning all three men’s doubles.

Brody Fiedler and Jacob Baker celebrated a stellar 6-1 win against the Pitts due, Scott and Leyton.

Jake Hocking and Jim Brooks got the job done with some stylish returns winning 6-4 against Eli Spiers and Jolyon Hogan.

Jacob Baker and Jim Brooks who just qualified in time won 6-4 against Barry Sudholz and Jolyon Hogan.

In the singles Brody Fiedler although at times look like his old man couldn’t hit the lines going down to the determined Craig Spiers 2-6.

Jake Hocking showed great athleticism against Matt George winning 6-3.

In the ladies Caroline Fiedler and Hannah Hocking worked tirelessly but lost 4-6 in a mammoth set against Marcia Spiers and Vicki Bavich.

Bec Wolfe and Rachel Baker had the ball on a string, winning 6-1 against Jenny Sudholz and Claire Hogan.

Caroline Fiedler and Bec Wolfe won 6-4 in an epic finish against Marcia Spiers and Jenny Sudholz.

Hannah Hocking and Rachel Baker finished the last women’s set with a 7-5 win against Vicki Bavich and Clair Hogan.

Afternoon tea tasted better for Rochester as they had a 15 game advantage going into the mixed.

Rod Fiedler joined the team in the mixed after deciding to rest his dodgy hammy and partner Bec Wolfe helped cover the court but they went down a break to Craig and Marcia Spiers.

Brody and Caroline Fiedler controlled he set to win 6-2 against Matt George and Jenny Sudholz.

Jacob Baker and Hannah Hocking also returned well measured shots to take the 6-2 win against Barry Sudholz and Vicki Bavich.

Jake Hocking and Rachel Baker finished the day off with a 6-3 win against Leyton Pitts and Claire Hogan.

Junior A

Rochester 5 (4 sets, 35 games) def. LBU 4 (4 sets, 30 games)

The first set between Rochester 5’s Will Leahy and Alex Parker and LBU 4’s Mitchell Collins and Jacob Haines was a marathon.

All four boys showcasing their repertoire of shots but LBU came out of the storm to win 5-6.

Bridie Baker and Alexandra Ingram had the ball on the sting winning 6-0 against Sarah and Chelsea Jones.

Will Leahy and Sam Ryan found their groove winning 6-2 against Mitchell Collins and Sarah Jones.

Alex Parker and Alexandra Ingram set up some great points but Jacob Haines and Chelsea Jones fought hard for every point to win 3-6.

Rochester 5 had a seven game advantage going into the singles.

Out on the court, pairs played out of order.

Sam Ryan in his Colbinabbin shirt but representing Rochester played steady and consistent to win 6-0 against Sarah Jones who never gave up.

Alex Parker had some ripping forehands but Jacob Haines who has just been named to represent the Loddon Campaspe regional tennis team had found his radar, hitting the lines to win 0-6.

Bridie Baker showed great grit to win 6-4 against Chelsea Jones in a lengthy set.

Finally, the number one players took to the court.

In an evenly contested set Will Leahy claimed three games against Mitchell Collins who returned some great shots.

But the win wasn’t enough to change the end result — Rochester 5 winning by five games.

Junior B Campaspe

Echuca South (3 sets, 20 games) lost to Rochester 10 (3 sets, 29 games)

Although even on sets Rochester 10 claimed the victory by nine games to secure a spot in Grand final.

Tobie Woodfine and Tegan Williams were persistent in every shot but went down a serve losing 4-6 to Liam Hamilton and Nathan Taylor.

Hugh Kerlin and Monica Ingram controlled the play to dish out a big doughnut to Grace Davis and Evie Ritchie.

Tobie Woodfine and Hugh Kerlin energetic around the court but went down a break to Liam Hamilton and Grace Davis 4-6.

Tegan William and Jack Cairns were fearless in their shots which paid off taking the win 6-2 against Nathan Taylor and Evie Ritchie.

Tobie Woodfine who will be missing the grand final due to a family holiday partnered Jack Cairns and cashed in a 6-0 victory against Liam Hamilton and Evie Ritchie.

Tegan Williams and Monica Ingram played without pressure but lost 3-6 against Nathan Taylor and Grace Davis.

Junior B Murray

Rochester 12 (4 sets, 32 games) def. Echuca South (2 sets, 18 games)

Max Ward and Darby Wileman arrived with game faces on and let their racquets do the talking by winning 6-1 against Jace Tonkin and Oliver Bray.

Summer Pain who had left her racquet at school had an unfamiliar weapon in hand and with partner Hunter Wileman they rallied hard but were unable to take the win in a close encounter 5-6 against Anthony Kent and Kristian Fitzsimmons.

Max Ward and Summer Pain couldn’t take the cake, losing 3-6 to Jace Tonkins and Anthony Kent.

Darby Wileman and Flynn Pain were a dynamic duo winning 6-1 against Oliver Bray and Kristian Fitzsimmons.

Max Ward and Flynn Pain repeated the 6-1 win this time against Jace Tonkin and Kristian Fitzsimmons.

Brothers Darby and Hunter Wileman worked hard to win 6-3 against Oliver Bray and Anthony Kent. Rochester 12 taking the win by 14 games.

Junior C

LBU 8 (5 sets, 32 games) def. Rochester 16 (1 set, 22 games)

James Brentnall and Nicholas Mitchell served well to win 6-3 against Giselle Crawford and Payton Tiller.

Charlie Byrne and Ruby Brentnall claimed the set 6-3 against Aston Walker and Sadie Martin.

James Brentnall and Charlie Byrne rallied hard to win 6-4 against Giselle Crawford and Ashton Walker.

Nicholas Mitchell and Ruby Brentnall just scrapped over the line in an entertaining set to win 6-5 against Payton Tiller and Remy Cowan.

James and Ruby Brentnall lost to Giselle Crawford and Remy Cowan 2-6 who celebrated the first win for their team.

Nicholas Mitchell and Charlie Byrne won 6-1 against Payton Tiller and Sadie Martin. LBU 8 won by 10 games.Grand Finals


All junior grand finals will be played at Echuca Lawn Tennis Club, with play starting at 9:30am.

Junior A

LBU 3 v Rochester 5

Umpires: LBU4

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 8 v Rochester 10

Umpires: Echuca South 6

Junior B Murray

Echuca South 9 v Rochester 12

Umpires: Echuca South 8

Junior C

Echuca Lawn 3 v LBU 8

Umpires: Rochester 16

Senior grand finals will be played at Echuca Lawn Centre, with section one at 1pm and section two at 1:30pm.

Section 1

Rich River 1 v Rochester 1

Section 2

Elmore 1 v Rochester 4


Game played at Shepparton starting at 1pm.


Rochester v LBU

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