Fingers crossed for more rain in autumn

March 06, 2018

RDCA Country Week Cricket Team 1982. Standing: John McMahon, Tony Shawcross, Dennis Brown, Craig Beck, Bill Whatley, Robbie Aitken, Rob Clayton, Peter Lawford, Bruce Watson, Peter Howes, Pat Slattery. Kneeling: Chris Stewart, Bill Connell, Graham Turner, Brendan Slattery, David Major, Bernie Tuohey, Brendan McCarty, Ted Fielder.

10 years ago

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ROCHESTER has had about-average summer rainfall, but more is needed during autumn and winter.

Rochester received 137.4mm of rain during summer, but the bulk of this fell in just three days: December 21 and 22 and January 20.

The highest rainfall was recorded in December, when 70.4mm fell in Rochester.

The rainfall came on just seven days, including 38.8mm on January 22 and 19.2mm on January 21.

It was the third-wettest December in the past 20 years and the 11th wettest since records started in 1904.

30 years ago

Tuesday, March 1, 1988

TWO Rochester youths have been charged over the theft of two $20,000 forklifts in Rochester early last Friday morning.

Police also reported a spate of break-ins throughout the town on that night.

The forklifts were stolen from the premises of Murray Campaspe Trading in Cohen St and were recovered without obvious damage, although one may have suffered mechanical damage.

Two youths, one 18 and one 16, have been charged as a result of the ‘‘joyride’’.

100 years ago

Saturday, March 2, 1918

SIR Douglas Haig reports: ‘‘We successfully raided enemy trenches at Greenland Hill, northward of Scarpe river and some positions on the southern portion of Houthulst forest.

We took 24 prisoners and captured four machine guns.’’

A Mesopotamian official message says:

‘‘Our patrols contacted with the Turks near Hit. We took some prisoners.’’

In Rome. Absolutely dependable reports show that there is a terrible famine in Trieste.

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