Don’t fall for ‘Telstra’ scam

January 09, 2018

PHONE scams are doing the rounds in Rochester.

And Rochester Community House coordinator Amanda Logie wants everyone to be on the lookout.

‘‘I am really worried that a lot of older people are going to get scammed as the lady on the phone sounded very convincing,’’ she said.

‘‘They claim they are from Telstra and will even rattle off an ID number if you ask for one — which I did.

‘‘The number they are calling from appears to be an Australian number. The one I had was (02) 6763 5297 which when I actually spoke to Telstra was a disconnected number but they are using them to make it look like they are calling from Australia.’’

Ms Logie said to never call the number back. ‘‘Don’t ever call it back to check because you will get charged for an overseas call,’’ she said.

‘‘They claim that your internet is being used by other people from overseas.

‘‘I didn’t really get much further with her because she hung up on me when I kept saying she was not from Telstra. She was very convincing and I know many of the older people we see at work would think it was real.’’

To report a scam visit

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