Rochy, LBU show dominant form

December 19, 2017

Zack Holmberg of Rochester during the CTA tennis match between Echuca South and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

BOTH Rochester and LBU have seen dominant performances across both the CTA and GMLTA this weekend.

In CTA section one, Rochester 1 walked away with a 7 sets, 42 game win over Echuca Lawn 1.

LBU also had a big win, claiming a 7 set, 31 game victory over Rich River 1.

In a cross town match in section two, LBU 2 could only manage 20 games, being thumped by 59 games and the full 13 sets against Rochester 4.

In the GMLTA, a 54 game victory was had by LBU, while Rochester had the bye.


Section 1

Rochester 2 (7 sets, 79 games) def. Echuca South 2 (6 sets, 70 games)

J. Coghill and L. Evans lost to L. Molluso and H. Trewick 7-8, J. Coghill lost to L. Mollusok 5-7, N. Hocking and L. Williams def. H. James and K. Mulcahy 8-0, R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill def. P. Mulcahy and S. Mulcahy 8-6, A. Parker and A. Ingram lost to A. James and T. Eishold 1-8, J. Coghill and A. Parker lost to L. Molluso and H. James 1-8, R. Holmberg and N. Hocking def. A. James and P. Mulcahy 8-5, A. Parker and N. Hocking lost to H. James and P. Mulcahy 5-8, L. Evans and L. Williams def. H. Trewick and K. Mulcahy 8-5, L. Gledhill and A. Ingram lost to. L. Eishold and S. Mulcahy 6-8, L. Evans and L. Gledhill def. H. Trewick and L. Eishold 8-2, L. WIlliams and A. Ingram def. K. Mulcahy and S. Mulcahy 8-1, R. Holmberg def. A. James 6-4.

Rochester 1 (10 sets, 95 games) def. Echuca Lawn 1 (3 sets, 53 games)

T. Holmberg and M. DIngwall def. D. Mackrell and S. Fayle 8-4, Z. Holmberg def. I. Sinnett 6-4, Z. Holmberg and C. Hooppell lost to I. Sinnett and S. Moon 6-8, J. Nelson and S. Holmberg def. C. Turner and F. Dobson 8-2, B. Letcher and B. McCarty lost to R. Marks and E. Canning 7-8, Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson def. I. Sinnett and C. Turner 8-3, T. Holmberg and B. Letcher def. D. Mackrell and R. Marks 8-5, J. Nelson and B. Letcher def. C. Turner and R. Marks 8-6, M. Dingwall and S. Holmberg def. S. Moon and S. Fayle 8-2, C. Hooppell and B. McCarty def. F. Dobson and E. Canning 8-0, M. Dingwall and C. Hooppell def. S. Moon and F. Dobson 8-0, S. Holmberg and B. McCarty lost to S. Fayle and E. Canning 6-8, T. Holmberg def. D. Mackrell 6-3.

LBU 1 (10 sets, 95 games) def. Rich River 1 (3 sets, 64 games)

J. Howlett and C. Brn lost to A. Emmerson and C. Short 7-8, J. Howlett and B. Angove 6-1, T. Bacon and A. Todd def. B. Angove and T. Godfrey 8-5, S. Brentnall and M. Brentnall lost to P. Godfrey and M. Peat 6-8, I. Haines and M. Howlett def. D. Angove and J. Godfrey 8-2, J. Howlett and S. Brentnall lost to B. Angove and P. Godfrey 5-8, T. Bacon and I. Haines def. A. Emmerson and D. Angove 8-1, C. Brn and A. Todd def. C. Short and T. Godfrey 8-5, M. Brentnall and M. Howlett def. M. Peat and J. Godfrey 8-5, C. Brn and M. Brentnall def. C. Short and M. Peat 8-5, T. Bacon def. A. Emmerson 7-6.

Section 2

Rochester 3 (7 sets, 58 games) def. Rich River 2 (6 sets, 52 games)0

C. Murray and K. Gebbiel def. C. Spiers and M.M. Spiers 6-1, C. Murray lost to C. Spiers 4-6, D. Pain and A. Pain def. E. Spiers and J. Sudholz 6-2, R. Else and V. Snelling def. E. Spiers and J. Sudholz 6-0, W. Peacock and J. McCormick lost to L. Pitts and M. Crowl 2-6, C. Murray and R. Else def. C. Spiers and E. Spiers 6-3, D. Pain and W. Peacock lost to M. George and B. Sudholz 3-6, R. Else and W. Peacock lost to B. Sudholz and L. Pitts 5-7, K. Gebbier and V. Snelling lost to J. Sudholz and M.M. Spiers 1-6, A. Pain and J. McCormick def. J. Sudholz and A. Van de zypp 6-0, K. Gebbie and A. pain def. J. Sudholz and M. Crowl 7-6, V. Snelling and J. McCormick lost to M.M. Spiers and M. Crowl 0-6, D. Pain def. M. George 6-3.

Rochester 4 (13 sets, 79 games) def. LBU 2 (0 sets, 20 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. B. Humbert and J. McNair 6-1, B. Fiedler def. M. Jones 6-3, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. M. Jones and G. Byrne 6-0, J. Baker an H. hocking def. C. Gardiner and B. Howlett 6-2, J. Hocking and M. Baker def. L. Ross and K. Moroney 7-6, B. Fiedler and R. Fiedler def. M. Jones and C. Gardiner 6-0, J. Baker and J. Hocking def. B. Humbert and L. Ross 6-1, R. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. C. Gardiner and L. Ross 6-1, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking def. J. Mcnair and B. Howlett 6-0, R. Wolfe and M. Baker def. K. Moroney and G. Byrne 6-3, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. J. McNair and K. Moroney 6-0, H. Hocking and R. Baker def. B. Howlett and G. Byrne 6-2, J. Baker and B. Humbert 6-1.

Junior A

Rochester 6 (8 sets, 48 games) def. Rochester 7 (0 sets, 17 games)

Echuca South 5 (5 sets, 37 games) def. LBU 3 (3 sets, 33 games)

Rochester 5 (8 sets, 48 games) def. Echcua South (0 sets, 14 games)

Bye: LBU 4

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 10 (5 sets, 35 games) def.LBU 5 (1 set, 18 games)

Rochester 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Echuca Lawn 2 (0 sets, 9 games)

Rochester 9 (4 sets, 30 games) def. Elmore 2 (2 sets, 23 games)

Junior B Murray

Rochester 12 (5 sets, 33 games) def. Rochester 11 (1 set, 21 games)

LBU 7 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 6 (0 stes, 20 games)

Echuca South 9 (3 sets, 25 games) def. Rochester 12 (3 sets, 22 games)

Junior C

Rochester 16 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Rochester 15 (2 sets, 23 games)

LBU 8 (3 sets, 30 games) def. Echuca Lawn 3 (3 sets, 29 games)

Rochester 14 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 5 games)GMLTA



Lockington Bamawm United (12 sets, 99 games) def. Tongala (1 set, 45 games)

J. Mundie def. A. Laurenson 6-0, G. Humbert def. K. Cox 6-2, J. Mundie and P. Condliffe def. A. Laurenson and H. Mooney 8-7, G. Humbert and D. Squires def. K. Cox and I. Chaffey 8-1, P. Condliffe and D. Squires def. H. Mooney and I. Chaffey 8-3, K. Condliffe and N. Bacon def. J. McGill and M. Van Roy 8-5, M. Haines and L. Toohy def. J. Cipiani and D. Humphreys 8-4, K. Condliffe and M. Haines lost to J. McGill and J. Cipiani 7-8, N. Bacon and F. Bail def. M. Van Roy and D. Humphreys 8-2, J. Mundie and K. Condliffe def. A. Laurenson and J. McGill 8-6, P. Condliffe and L. Toohey def. K. Cox and M. Van Roy 8-1, D. Squires and M. Haines def. H. Mooney and J. Cipiani 8-1, G. Humbert and F. Bail def. I. Chaffey and D. Humphreys 8-5.

Bye: Rochester

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