Rubbish dump fuels debate Is cost of waste disposal too high?

December 12, 2017

THE rubbish situation along the Campaspe river has hit a whole new level.

A trailer full of rubbish was found just west of Bonn Rd on December 3 and pictures were posted on Facebook.

It is believed it took the Department of Environment, Land and Water Planning (DELWP) four hours to clean the mess.

There are calls from the community to lower the prices for waste disposal fees.

In reply, the Shire of Campaspe said in a statement that their waste disposal fees are low in comparison to other councils.

‘‘These charges don’t fully recover the cost of dealing with the material, it would be much more expensive if it did,’’ regulatory and community services general manager Paul McKenzie said.

‘‘Our charges are consistent across the shire.’’

Recycling material, or material accepted into the yellow bin, is accepted free of charge.

Waste and garden organics are charged per cubic metre, while all other items have a per item charge.

‘‘For example fridges and air conditioners are $19, single mattresses $12 and double or queen mattresses $16,’’ he said.

Council only charges for recyclable items that attract a cost to manage or dispose of.

Council says to minimise the amount paid at the transfer station, residents are encouraged to sort their load.

By sorting the load, the amount of material able to be recycled is maximised and the amount of material to landfill (and cost) is minimised.

People who are going to dump do so regardless of the cost, the council says, but most of the things that are dumped in areas such as the bank of the river don’t incur a cost.

The statement says people need to take responsibility for the waste they generate and others within the community should hold them to account — after all, their rates and taxes are used to clean it up.

If you see illegal dumping, report it to the police, the EPA or council.

Council said people who generate the waste should be responsible for it and not expect the rest of the community to pay for it.

DELWP commented on the matter saying, “Under the Environment Protection Act 1970 it is illegal to dump rubbish on public land and carries an on the spot fine of $317 or up to $6,342 if prosecuted in court.

“We encourage everyone to do the right thing and keep the great outdoors clean for everyone to enjoy.

“We’d like to thank the community member who posted this on Facebook. The most effective way of reporting illegal dumping in state forests or on public land is to please call DELWP on 136 186.

‘‘Anyone with any information about the illegal rubbish dumping near the Campaspe River at Rochester is encouraged to contact DELWP.’’

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