Tom and Nancy’s big day

December 05, 2017

Workers inside the Rochester Co-operative Butter and Canning Co. Year unknown. Photo: State Library Victoria.

■10 years ago

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WHEN Timmering’s Tom and Nancy Reid married in Scotland 60 years ago, they shared their wedding day with Nancy’s older sister Mary and husband Harold.

It was a case of the youngest and the oldest girls of the family getting married at the same time.

That day — November 21, 1947 — was also the day after Queen Elizabeth and Prince Edward were married in England.

Tom and Nancy met through Nancy’s brother, who was a friend of Tom’s.

Nancy said she had heard about Tom, but they did not meet until they were on a bus trip to the Glasgow Speedway.

■30 years ago

Tuesday, November 24, 1987

ROCHESTER’S chances of attracting industry appear to have been rated highly in a report presented to a meeting in Echuca recently.

While the report lists the lack of a natural gas supply to other parts of the region as a disadvantage, this must be seen to be a big point in Rochester’s favor.

The report, presented by Westpac economist John McGregor, details employment in the region and changes over the last few years, and presents some of the advantages and disadvantages for the region in the future.

The region includes Rochester, Deakin and Murray shires, as well as the City of Echuca.

■100 years ago

Saturday, November 24, 1917

ALL the French newspapers pay a high tribute to the British success, which is semi-officially described as the greatest victory yet achieved in the war. The Petit Parisian says the British broke the Hindenberg line like an avalanche.

In the House of Commons, Mr Faber asked the Home Secretary if in view of the effects of Boloism in Russia and Italy and the steps being taken by France and America to deal therewith, the Government of Britain were taking all possible steps in the same direction. Mr Bonar Law answered in the affirmative.

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