No time to mullet over, go back to the future at 80s night teen reunion

November 29, 2017

FLASHBACK to a time where grooming mullets or perfecting perms were a part of your morning ritual. When Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran and INXS ruled the radio. Echuca’s Drive-In theatre was the place to be and our Murray River was home to a pontoon and a swimming pool. The best shops in town were the locally owned and operated Carter’s and Astoria and you could buy a massive bag of lollies for only 50 cents.

Ah the good old days...

Suzy Farley has taken it upon herself to revive the Sunnyboy-licking, Tang drinking times by hosting a Echuca 80s Teen Reunion on December 2 from 7pm at ‘The Yank’.

‘‘I started the Facebook group with the intention to bring people together,’’ the fourth generation and now Bendigo resident said.

‘‘This year I really got stuck into it and created a photo album called ‘80s Flashback’ and its now got about 700 photos.

‘‘I had messages from a lot of people wanting to connect and many people have since reconnected with old friendships.

With a Facebook group of over 1,300 people, Suzy has felt plenty of support.

‘‘It is important to remember the good times.

‘‘For country kids the friendships are lifelong.

‘‘The sense of humour, fun and camaraderie we have, there’s no comparison.

‘‘And some of the stories we have, you think ‘oh my god, how are we still alive?!’’’

So far 244 people are set to attend the event, with people travelling from all over the country to make the first reunion combining all the schools.

DJ Stratt, a local 80s teen himself, will be on hand to play all the classic hits and has promised to round out the night with American Pie.

So pull on those Levi 550’s and tease that hair for a night of dancing, laughing, cringing and reminiscing about your tumultuous teenage years in the twin towns.

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