We’re breathing life into defibrillator discussion

November 29, 2017

Janine Hocking and the Rochester Ambulance Auxiliary are urging clubs and businesses to register their AED machines.

AUTOMATIC External Defibrillators are not something you hear about every day — and this is exactly what the Rochester Ambulance Auxillary wants to change.

Janine Hocking, a member of the Ambulance Auxillary, said the group is working to establish both the quantity and location of AED’s in Rochester and surrounding areas.

The main concern is that organisations with defibrillators are not registering them with Ambulance Victoria.

‘‘Currently only two are shown as being registered in Rochester — one at the Rochester Commuity House and one at Goulburn-Murray Water,’’ Janine said.

‘‘We are aware of quite a few more but these have not been registered.’’

The group needs to find out where AEDs are located, if they are being maintained and whether any additional AEDs are required within the community.

The group also hopes to raise public awareness of AED locations and availability.

‘‘The auxillary, through its fundraising, may be interested in helping or supplying AED’s if needed,’’ Janine said.

‘‘There is also a funding round just commencing through Ambulance Victoria, which may be useful to some sporting groups.’’

Applications for this are now open and can be found at

Sporting groups have until December 22 to submit their applications.

Secretary Jade Harris said maintenance of the AEDs as well as their registration is crucial in an emergency. ‘‘People need to check the pads of AEDs because they can actually go out of date.’’ Jade said.

‘‘The community house have said that they are willing to help people register their AEDs.’’

You can drop into community house at 43/45 MacKay St, Rochester or call 5484 3600.

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