Thrilling win catapults LBU to the top

November 21, 2017

Cynthia Brn of LBU during the CTA Section 1 match between Echuca South and LBU. Photo by Luke Hemer.

ROUND five of the Goulburn Murray competition has seen LBU take top spot on the ladder after a thrilling victory on sets against the undefeated Tatura Curlews and Rochester has jumped one place to second.

In the CTA, the long awaited battle between Rochester 1 and Rochester 2 saw just seven games seperate the two sides.

Junior B Murray also saw one of the most stunning results of the season, with Rochester 11 and LBU 6 tying on three sets, 24 games a piece.GMLTA

GM3 West

Rochester GM (9/82) defeated Nathalia (7/74)

It was desperate times for Rochy, with one man short in the line-up, Kate Lee had to change her name to Bruce and play as the fourth man.

Jaycob Dingwall and Jack Ingram couldn’t take a trick against Nick Bakogians and Peter Limbrick, falling 1-8.

Elliott Taylor and Lee rallied some big shots but could only claim three games against Anthony Wilson and John Nihill.

In the final doubles Ingram and Lee created a few memorable moments but they were short lived when they shook hands at 2-8.

Dingwall suffered his first singles loss to Bakogians due to Friday night shenanigans.

Tricky prevailed in an ultra-marathon against retired GV footy star, Wilson 6-5.

The weight was on the ladies shoulders but they stood up to the challenge.

Sarah Ingram and Karen Taylor played the perfect tennis to win 8-0 against Corina McLeod and Di Wilson.

Lizzy Ingram and Rach Major had to rally hard but were able to secure a 8-5 win against Helen Ginnivan & Sue Vaughan.

The final doubles Taylor and Major won 8-3. In the singles both Sarah & Lizzy played consistent tennis to win 6-3 each.

With solid wins from the Rochester ladies, it gave the team a two game lead going into the mixed.

Dingwall and Taylor had an epic set but lost in a nail biting finish 7-8.

Tricky and Sarah were able to win their tie-break in a cut throat rally.

Jack and Lizzy coughed up a generous lead but were too good in the tie-break winning in straight points. Lee and Taylor were dynamic on the net winning 8-3.

Rochester took the win by eight games.

LBU (7 sets, 79 games) def. Tatura Curlews (6 sets, 79 games)

The highly anticipated contest of the round was nothing less than a cliff hanger, coming down to the final set.

The mens tennis was challenging for all players as they were put through their paces.

In the first doubles, Mark Williams and Dick Ballantyne broke serve to claim 8-6 victory over Jezza Mundie and Paul Milo Condliffe.

Damian Smith and Mark Elliott were dynamic on the net winning 8-2 against Grant Humbert and Ian Haines.

Ballantyne and Elliott put up an epic performancen and with some banter they were able to claim the set 8-7 against Condliffe and Haines.

In the singles Mundie was whipping back some great forehands against Williams to win 3-6 whilst team mate Humbert was on the back foot, going down 1-6 to Smith.

Kat Lowden and Karen Ballantyne endured long rallies but LBUs Katie Condliffe and Narelle Bacon were superior winning 7-8.

Kerry Morse and Claire Nihill went down a break to Mel Haines and Faye Bail 6-8.

Lowden and Morse took revenge winning 8-2 against Haines and Condliffe.

Ballantyne and Nihill worked hard but fall short 6-8 against Lois Toohey and Bail.

In the mixed Elliott and Lowden lost in a tie-break against Mundie and Condliffe who created some great play.

The Ballantynes wheels fell off losing 0-8 to Condliffe and Bacon.

Smith and Nihill won the tie-break against Humbert and Bail.

Williams and Morse were unable to get it past Haines and Toohey 4-8.


Section 1

Rochester 1 (8 sets, 78 games) def. Rochester 2 (5 sets, 71 games)

T. Holmberg and M. Dingwall def. G. Tiller and L. Evans 8-6, Z. Holmberg def. J. Coghill 6-4, Z. Holmberg and C. Hooppell def. N. Hocking and L. Williams 8-6, J. Nelson and J. ZCrockett lost to R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill 4-8, S. Holmberg and B. McCarty 3-8, Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson lost to J. Coghill and G. Tiller 3-8, T. Holmberg and S. Holmberg def. N. Hocking and R. Holmberg 8-3, J. Nelson and S. Holmberg lost to G. Tiller and R. Holmberg 3-8, M. Dingwall and C. Hooppell def. L. Evans and L. Williams 8-3, J. Crockett and B. McCarty lost to L. Gledhill and A. Ingram 5-8, M. Dingwall and J. Crockett def. L. Evans and L. Gledhill 8-2, C. Hooppell and B. McCarty def. L. Williams and A. Ingram 8-5, T. Holmberg def. N. Hocking 6-2.

LBU 1 (11 sets, 94 games) def. Echuca South 3 (2 sets, 48 games)

J. Howlett and C. Brn def. R. Keil and M. Molluso 8-2, J. Howlett def. D. Stapleton 6-2, S. Brentnall and M. Brentnall def. D. Stapleton and L. Taylor 8-4, L. Collins and A. Todd def. J. Quinn and D. Glenn 8-3, M. Bongiovanni and M. Stone def. D. Poole and P. Poole 8-4, J. Howlett and M. Bongiovanni lost to D. Stapleton and D. Poole 7-8, S. Brentnall and L. Collins def. R. Keil and J. Quinn 8-3, M. Bongiovanni and L. Collins lost to D. Poole and J. Quinn 3-8, C. Brn and M. Brentnall def. M. Molluso and L. Taylor 8-2, M. Stone and A. Todd def. D. Glenn and P. Poole 8-2, C. Brn and M. Stone def. M. Molluso and D. Glenn 8-2, M. Brentnall and A. Todd def. L. Taylor and P. Poole 8-5, S. Brentnall def. R. Keil 6-3.

Section 2

Rich River 2 (6 sets, 62 games) def. LBU 2 (7 sets, 55 games)

L. Pitts and J. Sudholz def. M. Jones and J. McNair 6-3, L. Pitts def. M. Jones 4-6, M. George and Y. Mathers def. B. Humbert and B. Howlett 6-1, L. Pitts and A. Kingma lost to C. Gardiner and K. Duncan 3-6, J. Hogan and S. Jones lost to L. Ross and R. Eade 4-6, L. Pitts and B. Sudholz def. M. Jones and C. Gardiner 6-4, M. George and J. Hogan lost to B. Humbert and L. Ross 5-7, B. Sudholz and J. Hogan def. C. Gardiner and L. Ross 6-2, J. Sudholz and Y. Mathers def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-0, A. Kingma and S. Jones lost to K. Duncan and R. Eade 3-6, J. Sudholz and A. Kingma lost to J. McNair and K. Duncan 4-6, Y. Mathers and S. Jones lost to B. Howlett and R. Eade 3-6, M. George def. B. Humbert 6-2.

Rochester 4 (9 sets, 70 games) def. Elmore 1 (4 sets, 59 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. R. Byrne and A. Rosaia 7-6, J. Baker lost to R. Byrne 0-6, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. J. Tobin and C. Holmberg 7-6, J. Baker and H. Hocking def. B. Niven and T. Pratt 6-3, J. Hocking and B. Baker lost to J. Holmberg and R. Johnson 6-7, J. Baker and R. Fiedler def. R. Byrne and J. Tobin 6-4, B. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. J. Holmberg and B. Niven 6-2, R. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. J. Tobin and B. Niven 7-6, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking lost to R. Johnson and T. Pratt 4-6, R. Wolfe and B. Baker def. A. Rosaia and C. Holmberg 6-2, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. R. Johnson and A. Rosaia 6-1, R. Wolfe and B. Baker lost to T. Pratt and C. Holmberg, B. Fiedler def. J. Holmberg 6-4.

Colbinabbin 1 (8 sets, 64 games) def. Rochester 3 (5 sets, 61 games)

H. Barlow and M. Ryan def. C. Murray and K. Gebbie 6-4, H. Barlow lost to C. Murray 3-6, H. Hamilton and P. Morrow lost to R. Else and V. Snelling 2-6, C. Hamilton and K. Stewart def. W. Peacock and J. McCormick 6-2, P. Morgan and L. Wareham lost to D. Myers and Z. Hocking 4-6, H. Barlow and H. hamilton def. C. Murray and W. Peacock 6-2, C. hamilton and W. Morrow def. R. Else and D. Myers 6-3, P. morgan and W. Morrow def. W. Peacock and D. Myers 6-4, L. Knight and M. Ryan lost to K. Gebbie and V. Snelling 1-6, P. Morrow and L. Wareham def. J. McCormick and Z. Hocking 7-6, L. Knight and P. Morrow lost to K. Gebbie and J. McCormick 4-6, M. Ryan and K. Stewart def. V. Snelling and Z. Hocking 7-6, C. Hamilton def. R. Else 6-4.

Junior A

Rochester 5 (4 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 3 (4 sets, 35 games)

Echuca South 5 (6 sets, 42 games) def. Rochester 7 (2 sets, 29 games)

Echuca South 4 (8 sets, 48 games) def. LBU 4 (0 sets, 12 games)

Bye: Rochester 6

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 9 (0 sets, 12 games)

Colbinabbin 2 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 5 (0 sets, 8 games)

Rochester 10 (4 sets, 32 games) def. Echuca South 7 (2 sets, 19 games)

Bye: Elmore 2

Junior B Murray

Rich River 3 (3 sets, 27 games) def. Rochester 13 (3 sets, 25 games)

Rochester 11 (3 sets, 24 games) drew with LBU 6 (3 sets, 24 games)

Echuca South 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 12 (0 sets, 0 games) by forfeit

Echuca South 9 (5 sets, 32 games) def. LBU 7 (1 set, 17 games)

Junior C

Rich River 4 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 14 (0 sets, 6 games)

LBU 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 15 (0 sets, 16 games)

Rochester 16 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 10 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (4 sets, 31 games) v Elmore 3 (2 sets, 19 games)GMLTA

GM3 West

LBU (7 sets, 79 games) def. Tatura Curlews (6 sets, 79 games)

J. Mundie def. M. Williams 6-3, G. Humbert lost to D. Smith 1-6, J. Mundie and P. Condliffe lost to M. Williams and R. Ballantyne 6-8, G. Humbert and I. Haines lost to D. Smith and M. Elliott 2-8, P. Condliffe and I. Haines lost to R. Ballantyne and M. Elliot 7-8, K. Condliffe and N. Bacon def. K. Lowden and K. Ballantyne 8-7, M. Haines and F. Bail def. K. Morse and C. Nihill 8-6, M. Haines and K. Condliffe lost to K. Lowden and K. Morse 2-8, L. Toohey and F. Bail def. K. Ballantyne and C. Nihill 8-6, J. Mundie and K. Condliffe def. M. Elliot and K. Lowden 8-7, P. Condliffe and N. Bacon def. R. Ballantyne and K. Ballantyne 8-0, F. Bail and G. Humbert lost to D. Smith and C. Nihill 7-8, I. Haines and L. Toohey def. M. Williams and K. Morse 8-4.

Rochester (9 sets, 82 games) def. Nathalia (5 sets, 74 games)

J. Dingwall lost to N. Bakogianis 3-6, E. Taylor def. A. Wilson 6-5, S. Ingram def. C. McLeod 6-3, E. Ingram def. H. Ginnivan 6-3, J. Dingwall and J. Ingram lost to N. Bakogianis and P. Limbrick 1-8, E. Taylor and K. Lee lost to A. Wilson and J. Nihill 3-8, J. Ingram and K. Lee lost to P. Limbrick and J. Nihill 2-8, S. Ingram and K. Taylor def. C. McLeod and D. Wilson 8-0, E. Ingram and R. Major def. H. Ginnivan and S. Vaughen 8-5, K. Taylor and R. Major def. D. Wilson and S. Vaughen 8-3, J. Dingwall and R. Major def. J. Nihill and C. McLeod 7-8, E. Taylor and S. Ingram def. P. Limbrick and S. Vaughen 8-7, J. Ingram and E. Ingram def. N. Bakogianis and D. Wilson 8-7, K. lee and K. Taylor def. A. Wilson and H. Ginnivan 8-3.

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