Excitment builds for junior Tigers netball

November 02, 2017

GOULBURN Valley League will have a number of new netball teams in the 2018 competition.

GOULBURN Valley League will have a number of new netball teams in the 2018 competition.

This follows the inclusion of a 15 and under competition into the league.

Rochester Tigers will be one of the clubs to field a side in the competition.

The GV league netball has previously started at the under 17’s age group, meaning that players would have to go to smaller leagues to play, making it difficult to get players back.

Club president Anita Ward said the Tigers were incredibly excited to finally have an under 15’s league.

‘‘I’ve been involved in this club for five years and we have been trying that entire time to get a league, so to finally have one is so exciting,’’ Ward said.

‘‘The smaller leagues cater to the 11’s and 13’s, so they get into their systems and its really hard to get them back at a later date.’’

As part of the clubs preparation for the entry to the competition, they will hold their netball launch on November 25 at the Rochester netball courts.

Club vice president Katie Rasmussen said the day will be a fantastic opportunity for young players to sharpen their skills.

‘‘With some of the talent that we have, as well as the people that will be involved on the day, it gives them an opportunity to work on different areas and to sharpen up their skills.’’

The day will provide young players the opportunity to not only meet the coaches, but to learn from some of the country’s elite players.

The day will feature Australian Diamond representatives Madi Robinson and Erin Bell.

For Robinson, who represents Collingwood in the national super netball league, this is not the first appearance in the town.

‘‘We’ve had her come down on a number of occasions to get involved in skills and development days,’’ Rasmussen said.

The day is open to girls over the age of 12, with girls over 13 eligible for the league.

Rasmussen said the club is going all out to celebrate this major occasion.

‘‘In our time, you’re probably only going to get one opportunity to launch a new competition. So we wanted to do it big.’’

The club has already made major steps to guarantee the teams success, with the return of Kristy Roulston to coach the side.

Kirsty has a long history with the club, having previously played over 200 games, coached and served as president.

Kirsty returns after spending time as A grade and U15’s at Lockington Bamawm United, coaching the U15’s premiership.

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