Residents can find out what’s in the pipeline

October 24, 2017

J. W Moore b. 1902 photographer. Shows unsupported pipes, concrete lined channel about 3/4 to 1' thick wheat silo at Rochester under construction.

■10 years ago

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DISTRICT residents can find out more about the proposed pipeline to Melbourne at a public meeting in Rochester on October 24.

The Plug the Pipe group has organised the meeting to discuss how the Food Bowl Modernisation Project and the north-south pipeline, linking the Goulburn system to Melbourne, will impact on the region.

Guest speakers will include Member for Rodney Paul Weller and former Goulburn-Murray Water director Ken Pattison.

The meeting will be held at the Rochester shire hall from 8pm.

■30 years ago

Tuesday, October 13, 1987

WITH Fire Awareness Week to start this Friday, the district has already received several reminders that summer is just around the corner.

Rochester, like other brigades in the district, has been called to grass fires for the past month.

While grass may be green on the top, undergrowth and tree litter is very dry.

In late September, Rochester attended a fire in Dingee Rd, Diggora where an incinerator set alight about half a hectare of grass.

■100 years ago

Tuesday, October 13, 1917

SIR Douglas Haig reports: ‘‘Hostile artillery is active southward of Yprescomines canal and in the neighbourhood of Zonnebecke and Broodseinde.’’

An official message from Egypt says: ‘‘Early in October the Arabs successfully raided railway communications northward of Medina.’’

A French communique says: ‘‘Enemy aeroplanes yesterday evening re-bombed Nancy.

There were several civilian victims.

We destroyed six German aeroplanes yesterday, while five others fell out of control in the enemy’s lines.

A French air aquadron freely bombed railway stations, as well as numerous ammunition depots and bivouacs.’’

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