Play it safe with pets and snakes

October 17, 2017

Rue and Lana were bitten by snakes and treated at the Rochester Veterinary Clinic.

SNAKES are already out and about in the region.

At Rochester veterinary practice has already seen several snake bites.

The signs of a snake bite are variable and depend on many factors.

Initially, in dogs there may be vomiting, salivation, trembling, ataxia (staggering) or the animal will collapse.

In cats, they tend to run away for a few days.

But if they do hang around, you might see the cat playing with the snake. If the cat has been bitten by the snake, they tend to immediately start to wobble or their pupils dilate.

Another sign to watch for is that they are unable to jump the heights they would usually.

Sometimes the animal will collapse shortly after being bitten and then all of a sudden recover, only to collapse again later on.

The best preventative measures are to keep grass around the home short and pay extra attention on hot days — when snakes are at their most prominent.

If an animal is affected by a snake bite, the best course of action is to get anti-venom injected into them as soon as possible.

This applies even if your animal seems fine.

Rochester Veterinary Practice has a 24-hour emergency service to assist. Call 5484 2255.

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