Community cash for local towns

October 04, 2017

MORE than $73,000 will be going to the townships of Gunbower, Nanneella, Kyvalley and Lockington for the implementation of their community plans.

Campaspe Shire approved the Community Plan Implementation Funds at their recent council meeting, which will go towards new mowers, a defibrillator, to support wetland trials and a new air conditioner.

Each town has worked with their communities to develop new actions and to build on past ones to achieve objectives outlined in their community plans.

The Lions Park redevelopment was the main priority for Gunbower, who received $50,906.53.

The majority of these funds have been allocated to this project to develop and promote wetland trails for drivers, walkers canoeists and bike riders.

Money was also put towards the use and development of the old Anglican Church Sunday School, which is managed by the Gunbower Development Group.

In Nanneella, money has been allocated to provide a new split-system air conditioner at the play-group space in the hall.

The hall committee is also looking at utilising the reserve by providing a wayside stop to attract visitors to the area.

The Kyvalley community decided they would spend their funds on projects that would help to achieve their original community plan — to improve the community’s wellbeing.

They purchased a new mower and a defibrillator.

They key priority for the Lockington community was to develop projects that continue to improve community spaces and programs.

The funds will go towards new storage sheds at the Lockington Recreation Reserve and a new mower for the Lockington Bamawm Cricket Club.

Councillor Kristen Munro said it was great to see the smaller communities get plans together.

‘‘It’s wonderful to see the smaller areas of our shire have some ownership about what is happening in their communities,’’ she said.

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