Girls take fight to cerebral palsy

September 26, 2017

Denvah Matthews, Ava Cottam, Alex Ingram and Leira Palmer.

HELPING others is a passion for four students from St Joseph’s Primary School.

Denvah Matthews, Ava Cottam, Alex Ingram and Leira Palmer have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to aid in the fight against cerebral palsy.

“Helping other people through these fund-raising events and efforts is something I just love to do as it’s a really rewarding experience for me,” Denvah said.

Denvah’s drive for fund raising has long been a passion, having shaved her hair in support of a boy who had cancer and doing so again for the world’s greatest shave.

“My family has been affected by the condition in the past so the motivation has always been there to do whatever I can to help in the fight against it,” Denvah said.

“We try to get people involved in it through raising awareness about the condition and what they can do to help fight back against it.

“We’ve talked at assemblies, written content on the subject for the school newsletter and social media, as well as sold lollies and had guess-the-jar competitions to raise the funds.”

The girls also got a special inclusion bench installed at the school, which was aimed at providing people with a space to go to when they are in need of support.

“The bench is meant to be a place for bringing people together and giving people a safe space to go to when they are in need of someone to talk to,” Denvah said.

The girls have already raised $272 but have no intention of slowing down, with plans to get the community active through the use of movement tracking pedometer’s along with further fund-raising efforts.

“We are aiming to raise $500 in total but we would like to go beyond that if we can manage to get enough support coming through.

“All the funds that we receive will go towards charities and organisations that fund research into fighting cerebral palsy, so all the donations sent through are being put towards the right places.”

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