Parking inspectors hit Rochy

August 08, 2017

Campaspe local law officers Tim McCornick and David Muir. Photo by Luke Hemer.

CAMPASPE Shire parking inspectors have made their way to Rochester and tickets are being issued.

No longer can you park all day in Gillies St and get away with it.

Rochester Business Network president Glenda Nichol said Rochester has had it easy for a long time.

‘‘It is just what we have done forever — parked wherever we want for as long as we want,’’ she said.

‘‘We don’t read the two hour parking signs and just park there regardless.

‘‘We have been lucky not to have been given tickets all these years.’’

Mrs Nichol said with the closure of the Murray Goulburn factory looming the community should be actively making sure tourists can access the businesses here.

‘‘We want people driving through our town to stop and spend their money at our businesses,’’ she said.

‘‘We want someone to be able to park in the main street or close to the business they want to go to and be able to access it easily.

‘‘If we are all parking out the front of businesses all day, people will be deterred from coming here.’’

Mrs Nichol said business owners should encourage their staff to park a few blocks away and walk to work.

‘‘Not only will they be getting a little extra exercise but they will be opening up the parks around the business for customers,’’ she said.

‘‘The council feel that Rochester should be given the same services as the rest of the towns and this includes parking inspectors.

‘‘They are coming here randomly and sporadically.

‘‘For those people in the community that don’t know, this should warn them to obey the rules and not to be angry when you get a ticket for doing the wrong thing.’’

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