Rochy 1 is bundled out in straight sets

March 15, 2017

Zac Holmberg during the CTA premlinary finals.

Troy Holmberg during the CTA premlinary finals.

Megan Molluso during the CTA premlinary finals.

Rachel Johnson during the CTA premlinary finals.


Rochester 1 (4/50) lost to Echuca South 1 (9/69)

AFTER finishing second on the ladder Rochester 1 have bowed out in straight matches and ended their grand final dream.

Barb McCarty missed the preliminary action due to her nieces wedding.

Echuca South men of Peter Fawcett, Ben Potter, Howard Armstrong and Rob Caldwell stamped their authority early winning all three men’s doubles 3-6, 4-6 and 0-6 against Troy and Zack Holmberg, James Nelson and Brian Letcher.

In the singles the usually rock solid Troy Holmberg wavered and fell short against Fawcett.

But Zack, a chip off the old block, set up great passages of play to win 6-4 against Armstrong.

Rochy’s women were unstoppable in the fist two sets winning 6-3 and 6-4, but South retaliated in the third creating a massive upset against Dingwall and Hooppell 1-6.

Rochy conceded the final set 4-6.

With a 14-game deficit going in to the mixed Rochy still had a chance.

First mixed Troy Holmberg and Dingwall showed great power to win 6-2 against Fawcett and Beattie.

Zack Holmberg and Hooppell’s set went down to the wire, unable to hold in the tie-break against Armstrong and Brighton.

Nelson and Sandra Holmberg rallied hard but lost the set 5-7 to Potter and Dean.

Letchy and Crockett were up against the tactical play from Caldwell and Dean 0-6.

Rich River 1 have dominated all season and it should be no different in the grand final against Echuca South 1, but let’s hope it’s a close contest.

Echuca South 3 (7/65) defeated Elmore (6/69)

After celebrating a win by one-game the weekend previous, Elmore are now commiserating a devastating one game loss at the hands of Echuca South 3.

The Elmore boys Ryan Byrne, Jordan Tobin, Sean Rathjen, Kurt Bacon, Ryan McCaskie and Bryce Niven were pumped to play and the team decided to play the six strapping young lads.

Rathjen and superior Bacon won the first set in the tie-break against Molluso and James.

Ultimate clubman Niven and McCaskie’s second mixed hurt the bottom line after receiving a doughnut.

The third men’s was lost 6-3.

In the singles, cool, calm and collected Byrne held on to win 4-6 against Molluso.

The score was reversed in the second singles with the smiling assassin Tobin losing to James 4-6.

Elmore’s women of Rachael Johnson, Sharna Chapman, Hannah Trewick, Clara Holmberg and Ally Rosaia were evenly matched but were able to create a three-game buffer after a ripping first set 1-6 win by Johnson and Chapman.

The other sets were 7-6, 6-7 and 6-4.

In the mixed, Rathjen and Chapman were relentless winning every point and quickly taking the 0-6 win, Byrne and Johnson were unable to keep on track slipping at the final two games to lose 7-5, Tobin and Rosaia had enough in the tank to win 4-6 but the last mixed pair Niven and Trewick counteracted the score 6-4.

Congratulations should still be given to the Elmore team who represent the only senior team for the Elmore club, every year they rally behind each other preparing to travel from study, work and family commitments to participate each Saturday.

Echuca South 3 will now take on Colbinabbin in the grand final this weekend at Echuca Lawn Tennis Club.

Junior results

A Junior

Rochester 6 (4/37) defeated LBU 5 (4/33)

Rochy boys were keen to get a good start this week, Rhys Holmberg and Adam McPhee let the strings do the talking with a 6-1 win over Sam Eade and Chase Lind.

The other three sets were relatively even 4-6, 6-3 and 4-6.

LBU 5 were four games down going into the mixed.

Rhys Holmberg played with great touch and defended the boom boom Sam Eade serve winning 6-1.

Adam McPhee hung on to win 6-4 again Chase Lind.

Max Holmberg battled hard against the consistent Hugh Byrne who won 3-6 and Rory Haisman chased hard but Jacob Haines precise placement gave him the 2-6 win.

B Grade

Rochester 9 (4/31) defeated LBU 9 (2/20)

Teal Hocking, Max Ward, Zara Myers and Tobie Woodfine had eyes only for the ball to win by 11-games over LBU 9’s Edward Brentnall, Bowden Stone, Jake Rorke, Cooper Mitchell and Milly Haines.

C grade

Rochester 14 (36/6) defeated Rochester 15 (18/0)

It was a straight sets victory for Rochester 14 in the semi-final of the junior C.

Hugh Kerlin, Hunter Wileman, Blake Roulston and Flynn Pain brought exceptional form to the Echuca South courts to down Charlie Peacock, Payton Tiller, Noah O’Sullivan, Summer Pain and Jasmin Moroney by 18 games.

The junior grand finals will be played at Rochester Lawn Tennis Club from 9.30am.

A grade: Colbinabbin 2 v Rochester 6. B grade: Echuca South 6 v Rochester 9. C grade: LBU 11 v Rochester 14.

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